• mine was different too, i had a job then and dont have one now
    • Linda Joy
      Me too!
    • Mircat
      Do volunteer work. It can go on your resume and doesn't make you look as if you've been doing nothing.
    • pearllederman
      ive actually been doing some of that recently
    • Linda Joy
      I do what I can, but if I could work I'd get a job. I worked all my life until I got sick.
  • I am more patient and accepting of my faults. Much easier to let go of situations that don't turn out well. I find that i am more patient with others shortcomings as well.
    • Linda Joy
      That's awesome!
  • Yes a LOT however one thing has not changed. I still want to be with him... NOW. Every year there is less and less time.
    • Linda Joy
      Less time for what? Why can't you be together?
  • Away from prying eyes !!
  • Yes,alot. I am out of my dark cloud,and hoping these days.
    • Linda Joy
      I understand, and I'm happy for you!
  • 10 years ago, I had just moved to Vermont, I had hope for the future, but I was in a rough place personally and financially. Since then, I've improved my finances, my dad died, and my son was born. I guess I've changed in so many ways that it'd be difficult to sum it up with only a few words.
  • Well, Iā€™m not so young and Iā€™m much more theist.
  • Oh my how I've changed. At age 57 (now I'm 60) I was diagnosed with MS. The atrophy is horrible. Even I don't know myself anymore.
  • So much Linda,so much.Well except for my unemployment I have indeed. as child the things we see had a different view as an adult it all changes.time does..i learned to b more responsible as well nd also the way of looking at things.mayb more of a deep vision perhaps.šŸ˜ƒ
  • I worked up until 7 years ago when I was fired for having a disability that didn't affect my job. Within 3 months I went through all of my savings and my unemployment was a month or so from running out. I was about to lose my car and get kicked out into the street. That's when I was hit with heart failure from the stress and worry about being homeless. I was able to receive disability rather quickly and have been on it ever since. I'm in no position to work now nor do volunteer work. Ten years ago I was on top of the world - today I exist on borrowed time.
  • I retired.

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