• mine was different too, i had a job then and dont have one now
    • Linda Joy
      Me too!
    • Mircat
      Do volunteer work. It can go on your resume and doesn't make you look as if you've been doing nothing.
    • pearllederman
      ive actually been doing some of that recently
    • Linda Joy
      I do what I can, but if I could work I'd get a job. I worked all my life until I got sick.
  • I am more patient and accepting of my faults. Much easier to let go of situations that don't turn out well. I find that i am more patient with others shortcomings as well.
    • Linda Joy
      That's awesome!
  • Yes a LOT however one thing has not changed. I still want to be with him... NOW. Every year there is less and less time.
    • Linda Joy
      Less time for what? Why can't you be together?
  • Away from prying eyes !!
  • Yes,alot. I am out of my dark cloud,and hoping these days.
    • Linda Joy
      I understand, and I'm happy for you!
  • 10 years ago, I had just moved to Vermont, I had hope for the future, but I was in a rough place personally and financially. Since then, I've improved my finances, my dad died, and my son was born. I guess I've changed in so many ways that it'd be difficult to sum it up with only a few words.
  • Well, Iā€™m not so young and Iā€™m much more theist.
  • Oh my how I've changed. At age 57 (now I'm 60) I was diagnosed with MS. The atrophy is horrible. Even I don't know myself anymore.
    • Linda Joy
      I hope you have found some joy in your journey and a purpose for the pain.
  • So much Linda,so much.Well except for my unemployment I have indeed. as child the things we see had a different view as an adult it all changes.time does..i learned to b more responsible as well nd also the way of looking at things.mayb more of a deep vision perhaps.šŸ˜ƒ
  • I worked up until 7 years ago when I was fired for having a disability that didn't affect my job. Within 3 months I went through all of my savings and my unemployment was a month or so from running out. I was about to lose my car and get kicked out into the street. That's when I was hit with heart failure from the stress and worry about being homeless. I was able to receive disability rather quickly and have been on it ever since. I'm in no position to work now nor do volunteer work. Ten years ago I was on top of the world - today I exist on borrowed time.
    • Linda Joy
      We've always existed on borrowed time. We just didn't see it back then. As you may have already learned I've been through much the same. I missed my morning meds yesterday and I've been in afib since before noon yesterday. But we can still find a purpose in life. I've found I can help people from my keyboard.
    • Army Veteran
      LJ - Look into naturopathy. The more you allow the body to do what it was designed to do and rely less on pharmaceuticals that do nothing but manage the symptoms the better off you'll be. I started out on one blood pressure med and now they have me taking 3 or 4. I need to find out what's causing the high blood pressure and fix it so I can get off the meds altogether. If you eliminate the cause of a health problem that problem has no reason to exist. Medications do not address causes - if they did, they would fix them and you wouldn't need the medication. Medications only address the symptoms - they quiet the symptoms only as long as the medication is active in the body. Once the medication wears off the symptoms come back, requiring more medication. And this is the never-ending cycle for most medications not in the antibiotic classification.
  • I retired.
  • Nope, still wearing the same clothes and haven't taken them off.
    • Army Veteran
      I changed my socks about a month ago. I could have driven a truck through the holes in the heels. EDIT: I put my dirty socks back on - my feet were getting cold.
  • Older, fatter & a bit slower!
  • 10 years ago I was still working, and discovered I would need heart surgery. I still lived on the outskirts of the rez where I was born and raised. Covid had not yet emerged and I felt a lot more freedom than I do now. I now live in the great basin instead of CA. I like it over here. I live near a lake and enjoy the area. I am older and fatter and lazier though with a lot more arthritis than before.
  • same old same old..and older too lol...was married then and still am lol
  • I have slowed down.
  • I have been banned from most sites šŸ˜“ Now I'm back here 10 years later šŸ˜

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