• Well of course you know to shave as close as you can without hurting yourself.......not sure of the name, but there's a makeup base used to cover birthmarks, sometimes called winestain......I want to say it's called Derma something.......check on a search engine for that name and if nothing comes up check under 'birthmark coverups' or something like that. and when you do find it and use it, be sure to follow the application directions they give this stuff is HEAVY so may take getting used to. also, I believe that the old Max Factor PANSTIK makeup is still was used in Hollywood for years......comes in stick form that you can turn up to bring it's also heavy but gives good coverage; otherwise those old Hollywood stars would never have used it!!! so good luck......and no matter what type you find, DO try it out beforehand to see how looks in different light, how it feels, whether or not it stays on, etc.,.......give yourself a day or two to experiment at home. I'm a retired makeup artist and wardrobe consultant.....if you want any tips on how to dress to look your best with your ht/wt and skintone, just let me know! I enjoy helping others along these lines & do it all the time on forums........... so let me know.........and have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!
    • Robert Garth
      Thanks, I'm going to look into Panstik. I really am trying to look as good as I can!
  • i have no idea, i dont even wear makeup
    • Mircat
      Then why are you doing this if you dont have an answer?

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