• I would go about covered. Two reasons, I do not want sunburns in certain areas (I burn very quickly) and the other people on the beach really would rather that I stayed covered.
  • Covered , there may be fishermen looking for worms.
  • Well..I wouldn't go to a 'clothing optional' beach in the first place (though most beaches have folks there who may as well have nothing on,) but to answer your question..covered. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with the human body. It is the most beautiful work of art ever, but if it is constantly exposed it is inevitable that it will lose some of it's mystery. There is a lot to be said for wondering what "lies beneath". ;-)
  • i would go in clothes with a bikini underneath and when i get to the beech id sun bathe and swim in that
  • Covered xD I'm being very thoughtful xD
  • "Naked" belongs behind closed doors in my world...I know, nudists believe differently, but since I am not a nudist, that's how I see it! :)
  • I have been to a couple of beaches like that and I kept my swimming shorts on, I just felt more comfortable like that.
  • 50:50. I would stay some time naked, go swimming, sunbathe and enjoy it, afterwards I would cover myself because I don't want to stay exposed too long under the sun because of skin damage. And I don't like sun protecting lotion.
  • I would have to wear at least a suit or beach dress... I burn so easily! I would hate to risk a burn on those parts of my body that never see the sun!
  • covered, I don't want to get attacked by horny old men.
  • Naked, i've been told i look great naked so why not bear all, it's also comfortable and it's cool to see other people hanging out in the buff.
  • Naked. If it's officially C/O nobody can be offended or complain. Since I first swam naked I've hated wearing swimming trunks or shorts.

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