• Highs only in the low 90's the rest of this week. About the same as you. Only here sometimes it gets over 100F (38C) That's when people can start dying if you don't take precautions. Stay hydrated! I think the record high here was 106F - 41C.
    • Anonymous
      Yes 'Japan & Oman have the worlds highest temperatures for July. It rained in London last Friday & everywhere cooled down (people just stood getting soaked in the rain: we were all so hot & not used to consistently high temperatures) Temp' are set to rise again from tomorrow. (I do like hot weather though) thanx.
  • 75 right now in colorado
    • Anonymous
      75 is not too uncomfortable. Enjoy!
  • We have been running in the 97 to 105 temp range with heat index as high as 115 for around 3 months now. This is in south Texas on the border with Mexico and close to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • It's supposed to be 85 today. So far it is 1pm and 80 F, so it very well could get up to 85. Yuck. I want cold, foggy weather!
  • Now it is 68 degrees F. in San Diego with a low of 56 degrees F and 52% humidity.
  • Record low of negative 12. In only two years, Trump has cured global warming.
  • It's 63 with a light south breeze in Central Texas.
  • Not as hot as I am during my fitness routines.

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