• Not really. Unless theirs proof that they had sex (which all three will deny I'm sure) theres nothing they can get in trouble for. Even if you attempted to get him in trouble (you sound like thats your angle) you wouldn't get anywhere.
  • If the girls parents get wind of it he could. Not a very good idea.
  • There are vague charges like 'aiding the delinquency of a minor' type charges you could pin on him I am sure. But why? Just threaten your son within an inch of life that if something like that ever happens again the wrath of God and his mother (not in that order) will reign down on him like a storm the world has never seen. Tell that your husband. And make sure you tell the girlfriend's parents because you do have an obligation for that.
  • I have my doubts he could. Unless the two had sex and even then nothing. Usually if both partners are under the age of concent nothing is done about it. I know from experiance. But I think you should talk sternly to your ex husband about his irresponsible actions. Im sure your son dont want to be a daddy at 16 and your ex husbands lack of parenting smarts could have very well made that happen.
  • Why worry about whether your ex can get in trouble. Perhaps he is not at all concerned with what you think. Look at it this way, YOUR son could get into trouble. Your son could get this young minor pregnant. That would greatly complicate their young lives. That would greatly complicate YOUR Life. Perhaps your ex is trying to win a popularity contest. “Father of the year” – he is not. I would inform him that your son will not be staying anywhere in such an unsupervised environment any more. It is up to him to act and put an end to these current lax arrangements. If he refuses, let him know then that your responsibility and your next move is to call the parents of the young girl to warn them about the arrangements that your ex has allowed. It is a touch stance, but it is necessary.
  • Yes, and your son can become a father that way. I would tell the girls mother, and I would tell your x that unless he wants to be in court dealing with you, he take the time to discuss with you what is and is not appropriate behavior for a 15 yr old boy & his 14 yr old gf.
  • hes probably in the girls pants to (by the way thats called risk of injury yes he can get into trouble)
  • yes, he could in a court of law, it is not being a Responsible parent, it is neglect. but your son is the only concern you should have and then as a parent, the concern of the girl...her mother has a right to know what trouble could befall her daughter... it may not do a lot for your relationship with your son, true, but you are the parent and hopefully one day when he is , he'll understand... they are not adults yet and therefore need "good" guidance from parents..not consent to do what they want so you can be their actually end up being their " worst enemy " this way.. ...just do it in a "good" way, no revenge, anger... there is always gonna be issues, to me , it is how you handle them. there are even laws , in most states, where the ex spouse cannot have sleep overs when their kids are with them.. but I agree with the others too, tell her mother and talk with the ex..and go from there..
  • Yes, Big trouble and so could a 14year old girl who is at risk. Do something.
  • Which one of the two guys (if not BOTH)--were sleeping with her? Are you sure?? If he DOES get into trouble, would you be concerned?? Why?
  • It depends on the state and the country you live in. He could be charged for misconduct concerning a minor. Im not a lawyer in the US, so I cant give you details, but in most western countries, he would be in trouble, if the fact gets to the local authorities.
  • In my state he can.
  • He will definitely get in trouble if he had sex with the girl. +3
  • ABSOLUTELY.... It could be considered kidnapping, if the girls parents don't know where she is. Not to mention, if the kids are having sex in his house, he, in almost every state, could be found guilty of allowing underage kids to have sex. You can look that law up easily on google, to make sure he's in violation of the law. Either way, what kind of message is he sending his son that it's APPROPRIATE to have a young girl who's probably not too long ago began puberty, to sleep over at his house? That's horrible, and your ex should be ashamed!
  • well yeh he can. if they have sex under his roof with his knowledge, and lets put it thats happening he can be done for allowing uindersage sex, and so can your son btw.
  • I would assume if he knows the mother is unaware of her daughters location and he knows this he could get in trouble... but the state itself encourages underaged sex so long as it is with peers, the girl can get birth control and even an abortion and her parents are not allowed to know about it unless she tells them.
  • i think your husband can get in lots of trouble specialy by the girls parents it's wrong
  • I'm assuming you mean the 14yr old girl stayed over with your son at your ex's house, not that she stayed over your ex's house with just him for company?
  • Legally, most likely not, but if she get's knocked up her parent's might get a little worried.

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