• becuase they dont know what really happens after you die or they want to stay with the people they love
  • im not afraid to die...never have been...the idea death freaks alot of people out because they think that when they die..thats it...and i believe different...a body is mearly a vessel..our soul is forever
  • They are afraid of it because nobody can really tell them what to expect. They are afraid of it because there is no schedule to it that they can count on so they always have to today THE day? They are afraid of it because in a world of little being permanent..that, by golly, is very permanent. No divorce, no do overs...that's it. They are afraid of death because of who they leave behind..particulary if they have young children. They are afraid of death because they aren't LIVING the life they want to live now and are terrified someone is going to call "GAME OVER" before they can fix that.
  • Death awaits us all and no body can be sure 100% what will happen to us all when we die but what I do know is that right now I am alive so I might as well party and enjoy my life because you only get to live once so try to enjoy your life rather then thinking about death and what awaits you.
  • Perhasp the fear comes not from death alone but of being sick,in pain and not able to care for oneself for a long period of time.
  • i'm with you..i'm not afraid to die... you can't escape it, and if you're right with God, you should have no fear
  • My girlfriend is extremely afraid of death and she cries about it every time she talks about it. Its a fact of life, something you can't avoid so why not get over it. She's intelligent, but not so much with this if she has to cry about it as an adult. I don't really get it, can somebody please explain it to me?
  • people are afraid of deah because they think what will wait for me on the next side heaven or hell i personaly find it a little anoying when i start tlking about it people say omg that ia so dark but i merely nod myhead and say yes but its true.
  • why is it that people see other people as cruel? is there really a good and bad? or is it just words that people come up with to find a means of jusifaction?
  • It's the perception that with death a person loses everything that life has brought. Look at a corpse, and see what your brain tells you about the experience of being dead. Regardless of religious teachings, people tend to be afraid of dying, afraid of giving up the experience of living. There's no vacation package for death, you can't try it out for a couple of weeks then come back. Few people would sign up for it anyway. There are few things so frightening as a one way ticket into the unknown, and we're all ticket holders. Yes, it's better to not stress over it, to get on with the business of living life. So, what are we doing still discussing this? :)
  • I belive that our soul never dies, and that our bodys are seeds that must be put under grown so we can become who we really are.In the bible Jesus tells us that death will be like a woman giving birth painfull but the pain can not be compare to the happiness. But like all humans with this weak flesh bodys I to feel afraid at times. I pray to GOD for help in this weak fleshy moments.Well we will cross that bridg wen we get there for now lets move forward,be strong and have faith. God bless all of you. :0)
  • im more afraid of life than death to be honest, once im dead i dont have to deal with all this stuff
  • Its the unknown. Because no matter what anyone says there is absolutely no proof of what happens after death.

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