• sometimes something comes from it
  • Because life is a dick apparently :/
  • Not sure why you say that unless you are living in a cave and surviving on eating insects...
  • The same reason they think having the latest items are needed to be suave. Its all about vanity since when you die someone else profits. Acting like a know it all causes many people away.
  • You're right. Turn your computer in and get off the Internet. Nothing ever came from those ideas.
  • Being smart is to know your role. 😄
  • Being smart about things is a form of intelligence. Each individual in the world has their own intelligence but others are ignorant of this fact. It sounds like you have expectations of others that you want everyone to have the same smartness but that’s not how people work in the real world. People’s brains work differently. Whichever form of intelligence a person has, they have something to show for it. You would be surprised of the different intelligences that people show if you consider yourself an open minded person.
  • Not sure what you mean. We made quite a bit of progress since humans started cooperating on pushing technology - pottery, agriculture, sanitation, metallurgy, electricity, flight, computing, the internet, artificial intelligence, medicine...
  • I think that looking back over the long history of humanity in the world shows us that we really have come far from the wandering bands of ape like hunter gatherers. Once we discovered how to harness fire for our own use, nothing has held us back. We have gone from carrying clubs to protect ourselves while we hid in caves, to exploring our solar system. That is a far leap, IMHO. 9/18/23

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