• Are you getting enough sleep? Enough sunshine? Enough socialization? Idk, maybe you lack something , a vitamin perhaps
  • Are you what they call a hoarder? Just askin
    • arcticpup22
      No I'm not dysfunctional like that.
  • Been smokin' the ganja? Other drugs? If neither you may want to talk to your school counselor. They can evaluate you for any learning disabilities or thinking problems and help develop strategies to help you learn better and cope with any inabilities that you may have.
  • You managed to ask this question, so there's still hope.
  • Hmm. It could be anything, really: stress, allergies, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, side effect of medication, diet, fighting off infection, cancer, multiple sclerosis, liver disease, pregnancy, brain disease, trauma, etc. Best to go see a medical doctor who can diagnose the issue face-to-face.
  • rnaybe you need to ask your doctor that question
  • Look on the bright side... since you find it so hard to answer questions, then do at least ask them. That will keep me and other AB'ers entertained by answering your questions. LOL 😂
  • I think the reason for a blank mind and unable to answer questions could be mind controlling people who force themselves on others or it could be the way the person with a blank mind is raised by those in their life. That is just my psychoanalysis but it could be other reasons. You can prove if I am wrong or right by being aware of people around you and if they are “in your face” type of way. Usually mind controlling people can weaken the victims sense of reality and awareness. If this is the case with you, try to withdraw from them so you can do your own thinking. As for having difficulty answering questions, I agree with Jenny who says “at least ask them”. You managed to ask this question which is good enough. Keep asking as much questions as you want to. That’s part of what Answerbag is for so you should give yourself credit for that. Some people on here mention about doctors but a doctor can not fix how your mind works. Only you can do that and ask for help and support from the right people such as friends and family.

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