• I saw that and was wondering why as well.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't think it's a coincidence that this person showed up the same time he did as fat bastard
    • Rick Myres
      I don't know did not notice that.
    • Rick Myres
      To make sure I did not confuse with my two sided looking answers. I noticed the blank ones but did not notice if it was two or one person.
  • have no idea whos doing that or why
  • I noticed it too. It is being done by someone with "hacking skills". I wouldn't have the first clue as to who it is ...there are many possibilities, including some pissed off, pimple faced 14 year old. Why ? Just because they can. This isn't the first time a hacker has manipulated various things around here.
  • Perhaps a feedback tool for volunteer moderators could list these posts in some way as less relevant which would move them down the line

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