• Probably civil restitution. Think twice about stealing next time. It costs you every time one way or another. Good luck
  • You'll have to pay. Then for the rest of your life you'll walk into stores thinking about keeping your hands where everyone can see them.
  • You have to pay the price. Most likely 6 months to a year of probation and some community service. Wal Mart prosecutes EVERY SINGLE OFFENSE! Hell, I know a guy who worked there, and was stocking the sunglass display case. He took one pair out, put it on his head to see how it looked propped up in his hair. He forgot about it, and when he went out of the store for his lunch break they had him detained and arrested. Theft is not worth it, now you have to pay for something dumb you did. Just take your punishment and move on. Don't do something stupid like that again!
  • It'll go on your record, you'll have to repay it back and possibly go through some rather tedious civil service. Really, why shoplift from walmart anyway? It's already cheap chinese made shit, why would you bring that into your home?
  • Yes welcome to Wal-Mart. So how many pairs of thong underwear did they catch you with?
  • Bad choice....well it will probably go on your record but if its your first time and your only 13 it will be taken off...I wouldnt suggest doing it again....
  • Dude I was 13 when I got caught too and all I got was 3 months probation, 24 hours community service, and they said if i did not do anything bad until I was 18 they would clean my record... The hardest part is earning your family and friend's trust back...It really sucks but dont worry as long as you can prove to the court that you have learned your lesson everything will be fine....Plus they always go easy on first timers.... Just DONT DO IT AGAIN.... trust me it is not worth it and no matter how good you are you will get caught sometime and it will be worst the next time.... Good luck and I am so sry for you....but dont worry others have been there too...=)
  • You'll probably be put on probation, have community service and have to pay restitution and court costs.
  • The Wal-mart folks will probably try to add more things than you stole in order to falsely increase the charges, and they will want to try to have you charged as an adult. You can probably get the case thrown out if they don't have video of you being in the store. Often they can't prove someone shoplifted due to not having video of the person.
  • You're not likely going to be arrested. It goes on your record.
  • Wal-Mart is moving away from what it called a zero-tolerance policy on prosecuting shoplifters and will now only prosecute anyone caught taking merchandise worth $25 or more, according to a published report. The New York Times reports the change in policy, citing internal documents from Wal-Mart that say it will now only press charges against those between the ages of 18 and 64 who take at least $25 worth of goods. Formerly its policy was to press charges against anyone who took at least $3 in goods.
  • It's considered petty larceny because of the dollar amount...without any prior offenses, you will most likely go to 'family court' where your parents will need to demonstrate that they can 'control' you. You will probably get probation and a fine or community service. IF you do anything to violate the terms of your probation, such as skip school, you might be sent to a juvenile delinquent center (teenage jail).
  • You are lucky you didn't get banned for life from all Wal-Marts, and Sam's clubs. The ban doesn't just mean the store, it means property Wally World owns, so if you go to a strip mall owned by WM, you can be arrested for criminal trespass on the spot. Wal-Marts have a very thorough system of cross checking people against pictures. Using a credit card, names are cross checked against ban lists, and if someone is on it, security will know and be summoned.

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