• Not that i am considering getting married anytime soon. I would say compatibility with said person is a good idea. If i really enjoy being around the person too, like if i truly enjoy being with her whenever. If you love everything about her. Looks has a little to do with it too. But if he's been with you long enough to want to marry you i'm sure he likes what you look like.
  • For me it's finding someone who truly understands me. Someone who can laugh with me and can relate to everything I go through. A good sense of humor is a must! But yeah, if I'm not married by the time I'm 30 then I'll find my wife through a mail order bride. Just kidding. Kinda... :P
  • If you are smarter, looks don't matter as much. Usually those girls that don't have the knockout power devote theirselves farther to others. Those that are centerfold quality devote theirselves to themselves only. You can tell a good devoting girl by how hard she studies your eyes usually. A model looks over your eyes all the time to see how devoted you are to her. She doesn't know how to look into them. A good girl that will devote herself to you, here is a little trick; After you have met her and carried on a good conversation, wait until you are in a group or a crowd sometime. Keep quite for a little while then get a couple of people away from her, keeping eye contact range open. Do not look at her, but keep her in the corner of your eye the whole time. Wait until the conversational tone smooths down to where you can be heard, but others are still speaking. Say something starting off in a sharp clause, without looking toward her. If she quickly jerks her eyes to you in a sharp focus, like a hawk, that means you are very well implanted in her mind. If it didn't work the first time for some reason, you can always try it again later, for she might have been distracted at that moment. Any time your eye contact is near, and there are no distractions, she will quickly zone in on you every time you look at her, like a hawk. At any time, she will see far more detail about you than any of your closest friends can ever see, females are very good at this. When a good woman is well aware of you, she can't hide it, no matter how hard she tries. They see things about us that we will never be able to see ourselves, and it shows.

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