• Both. We are now legislating morality, and that is wrong.
  • I will move country if they enforce that. I am an adult for petes sake if I want a crafty smokeroo I will, I am not a robot!
  • Can you be more specific about where cases are coming up about smoking on their own property? I'm very interested.
  • Yes it is! This is just people trying to control the lives of others by whining. I will smoke cigs on my property all I want. Anyone who comes and tries to make me stop will be met with force, up to and including lethal. I will never tolerate someone coming onto my property and telling me that I cannot do something that does not harm anyone else in any way, when the product involved is legal to buy. Isn't the reason America is here today because Europeans wanted to get away from governments telling them what they could and couldn't do with their own lives?
  • Welcome to California! lol It went too far years ago here IMO, but there doesn't seem to be any stopping of it in sight.
  • You are going to get a wide variety of opinions on this question!! As a non smoker I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and I hate inhaling the chemicals that come from it (I was a heavy smoker for 20+ years, and I know about reformed smokers being the worst about this and everything). But think about it. Would you want pesticide sprayed into the air around you all the time...insecticide??(One of nicotine's primary uses is as an insecticide.) I sympathize with smokers..because nicotine is a very addictive drug..and also a drug that allows you complete control of the dosage that you are getting at any moment...But I think that deep down most smokers would like to quit..If not for the fact that they will feel much better almost immediately..then at least for the extra cash they will have at the end of the month. Smoking is expensive!...I don't know is an individual decision to smoke...but I don't see why I, after having made the choice to give up smoking,--should have to deal with insecticides and other chemicals still being pumped into the air that I breath. And please don't hit me about driving my car ...I have virtually given up driving for much the same reasons.
  • This is just another issue that other people and the government are coming into our lives and familys telling us what we can and can not do. Started with the seat belt...then how to raise our children...smoking...weight issues....what we can and can not do on our own just is an endless list of government controlling every aspect of our lives...even now the places you work at are telling you what you can and can not do on your own smoking..drinking...weight control.. When will it all stop?
  • If they can "do" you for illegal smoking, can You sue the Government for legalising and so addicting you to smoking.
  • If you ever hear anything about smoking, you should probably just assume that it's going to be taken to extreme measures.
  • I think it's gotten ridiculous this smoking thing. In England now, there is a total ban of smoking in public places. I mean, fine, people have the right NOT to have to breathe in someone else's cig. smoke, but smokers should have the right to smoke in a pub or somewhere for heaven sake. If you can drink, then you should be able to smoke, and if the non-smokers have problems with choosing to go into a pub and people smoking inside, then they should keep out, simple as that.
  • Of course.They are infringing on individual rights.A right by definition is an action which requires no sanction.Individuals have rights.Groups have no rights.
  • being an ex smoker of 70 a day (its been well over 5 years now)I think its beyond a joke ...its PC gone made and its a further invasion of rights that grown adults have in their own home..on their own land their 'own' space, its legal , they have payed taxes (and not just one bloody tax either) which go to?... you guessed it! to the same people who are complaining about the smokers in the first place( general revenue) and not back into say.... free programs to help smokers to give up ... nah its just one more thing that the 'big brother' crowd want and will get more so called freedom gone in your so called home on your so called land in your so called free country .... bullshit!... free if 'they' tell you it is ... this is just one more rule we have to follow in the 'new nanny state' view to your question 'prime' is I would be telling them to 'stick it in their arse' if they tried that with me .. I hate people sticking their noses into my private and by the way legal life ...:):)
  • Way to far. This is another example of government intrusion in our lives. If they think it is bad, then make it illegal. Why not?? Taxes, pure and simple.
  • Look, private property is your choice. You want to smoke in your car or house, great. Have fun. No one should stop you so long as smoking stay legal XD. In public places I whole heartedly agree that smoking ought to be banned though.
  • The way I see it, people have the right to smoke if they want to, and people have the right to avoid being exposed to second-hand smoke if they want to, but neither of those rights is something that should be protected or restricted by the government or establishments. The fact that smoking is unhealthy for the smoker is completely irrelevant. People have the right to harm themselves however they wish, and if the people we pay to for our health insurance have a problem with that, then they're welcome to instate some *Reasonable* financial incentives to account for the logical health risks involved in smoking. But they do not have the right to completely deny service or charge extra based on ethical views about smoking (Whether those views are their personal opinion or simply set by the status quo). And if anyone who we *Don't* pay to insure our health wants to nag and/or discriminate against anyone because they do, then they can brace themselves for a good telling off and/or lawsuit, respectively. I'm a strong believer in the law of common courtesy and pragmatism being more than sufficient to regulate issues like peoples "Rights" to avoid things that bother them and/or can damage their health with long term exposure. If someone is bothered by second-hand smoke, then they can ask people to stop smoking when near them, and most considerate people will do so when asked nicely. But people should not be able to file legal action against someone just for smoking, as one incidence of second-hand smoke exposure does not cause any "Harm" whatsoever beyond minor annoyance (Unless the person happens to have some genuine serious medical condition like asthma, which is a different matter entirely). If someone gets emphysema or lung cancer and wants to file a lawsuit against someone who they believe caused it by smoking near them, then they could, but I'm sure that circumstances in which a solid enough correlation could be drawn between any particular party's smoking and another party's poor health for a logical court to rule in favour of the plaintiff, are *Extremely* rare. If lawmakers want to look out for the respiritory health of the population, then perhaps it would be more prudent to examine the damage done by all the corporations whose factories/refineries, etc. release massive amounts of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere on a regular basis. Because the people who smoke have a right to do so under the system of ideals which *Supposedly* governs the western world today, organisations and corporations, on the other hand, have no such right.
  • I am a smoker, but I have always been a considerate one. When I smoke, I smoke outside away from doorways..I do not litter with my butts. I did this way before the bans and I think that it's gotten WAY out of hand with people telling you what you can and can't do. If i want to give it up, it will be my decision..if I don't..that's my business. When the government starts paying my mortgage, car payments and other bills..THEN maybe the government can tell me what I can and can't do. I have respect for non smokers and I expect the same respect if I choose to wreck my own health.
  • I think so. The P.C. police and health fascists have too much power.
  • i don't smoke but i do think it has gone too far.

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