• If you gave it to her as an engagement ring and you broke up with her, she gets to keep it. If she brakes up with you, you get it back....It's a legal contract, so who ever ends it, the other person keeps it.
  • oh the word it cut out is easier?? is there a way to make this any easier?? I met her while i was stationed in italy and really wish she would just come live here.
  • I can't imagine why you would even have to ask for the rings back. If I had no intention of marrying someone, I certainly wouldn't keep the rings. But the fact that you mention it seems odd to me. Supposedly, neither of you wanted it to still want it to work...oh and btw, how can you get those rings back? I'm sorry, but if either of you wanted it to work, you'd find a job there, or she would move. Of course, both of these things are overwhelming tasks. But you do what you need to do. I just don't think it's important enough to either of you. You say you guys broke up because of some mistakes you made. Which means that she is even LESS interested in taking such huge risks on someone she doesn't even know if she can count on. Find a job there, or move on. Not that she's right...but you probably won't be getting those rings back.
  • Okay, I'm really late on this question. New to Answerbag. But, if you are still need some advise on this issue heres my attempt. If you love her, move there. You say she wont move here cuz of some mistakes you made. Well,knowing what those are would make the advise a little easier to give, but I dont. So, if you move there is will show her your commitment to her and any apology will appear to be that much more sincere. Life is short, you can always move back if it dont work.
  • If you owe on the rings, get them back and explain it to her that "the memories" of her holding on to them are costing YOU too much. If she sees that insensitive, so be it. She is insensitive not to realize your position. Only in America do we kick our kids out and tell them "head west". Our families are scattered over several states and we think this is normal. Families in Europe don't think that way at all. They build a floor above the house for the newly married couple to live in, or build them a home in the same village. My advice to you when it comes to European women, (I lived in Europe for 4 years) is unless you are ready to leave everything behind, don't get involved with one. I've known too many young men (state dept/ military) that marry one, have kids and when it's time to move - the wife says "NO WAY" and divorces him and he loses his kids. Rarely will that woman pick her husband over her parents & ties to the homeland. Of course, there are exceptions- I've also met a FEW European women who follow their husbands around the world, but they are terribly homesick and that man "pays" for the lonliness such a life can bring. Unless you move there with the approval of her family, this relationship will be strained and end badly. Expecting her to leave them, is asking too much for her culture.

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