• You're getting a little petty, aren't you? 10 years old? Let me ask you this - have you told her how many times you've sat in the bathroom choking your chicken? Or would you be too ashamed to say anything? It's virtually the same thing. If you can't trust her because of something that happened so long ago, then it's you who can't be trusted. You'll always have seeds of doubt and eventually, you'll end up acting on your insecurity. The question that should be asked here is, how fast should she run away from you?
  • Wow, dating for 4 months? What should you do? Grow up. You're not ready for a real emotional relationship.
  • We are no longer under the old Hebrew requirements for pure lineage. There is nothing wrong or sinful about what your girlfriend did. So chuck those ideas out. If you truly love her what she has done in the past should have no effect on your desiring her now. If this is going to be a problem with you now, I suggest you talk with her and break it off now rather than later on when it will involve divorce. Get and read the book "Divine Sex" by Philo Thelos you can get it from Amazon books if you can't get it through your local bookstores. This book should just about answer all your questions.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't read the books he suggests. He has said to CHILDREN in the past that he thinks its o.k to have sex with your own mother!
    • Thinker
      When will you ever come off this comment? The book I recommended was written by a pastor of over 36 years and is very informative concerning sex in the Bible.
  • What happened when she was 10 was molestation of a child. It is not her fault. And I agree with the others here when they say you are not ready for a relationship. And if you want to read up on anything it should be the effects of molestation on a child and learn how to help her through this whether bf or just friend. And a she is a her not a his or a him. His and him are male gender.
  • She was 10 years old. Pathetic.
  • All kids experiment with sexuality.

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