• It should have been a major concern to knowledgeable voters regarding Biden's electability. But, apparently, voters were too worried about a few mean spirited tweets. It's going to be a long four years. I hope they're up for it.
  • Biden is dead from the neck up. he's a puppet.
  • I just wonder why he was allowed to run in the first place. Even before he was elected he not only proved his corruption, but he bragged about it. Biden has no accomplishments whatsoever in his 40+ years in politics. He has absolutely no qualifications and no leadership qualities. He couldn't even draw more than 500 supporters at any one of his campaign stops - compare that with Trump's THOUSANDS of supporters. Biden's numbers do not win an election without intervention of some kind - it's mathematically impossible.
  • Well, he did have something going on many years ago with his brain
  • Not yet but it seems he may be slowing down a little.
  • Who does he lead? Hes scared of getting in trouble if he speaks. Would you say hes a National disgrace?

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