• Loafer-in-Chief
  • Applying a label "socialism' while defining it according to Fortune article that makes inaccurate assumptions about Bernie and goes farther to assume that support of some policies of socialism is anti-capitalist, therefore you cannot benefit from capitalist economic structures is a nonsensical argument. Our economic structures have been a blend of social and capital structures since the beginning. This line of questioning does not inspire substantive debate, given its lack of substance.
    • Linda Joy
      Then why did you answer? The question was do you think Bernie Sanders lives like a socialist? From what I've seen its usually the rich Democrats that have been given billions of dollars they really didn't earn because they took advantage of the capitalistic system that suddenly find themselves feeling guilty because the rest of the world lives in poverty that want to force their beliefs that all mankind should pay so those that don't want to or can't work should be given money. Why don't they just donate THEIR MONEY AND LET EVERYONE ELSE DECIDE IF THEY WANT TO CONTRIBUTE, instead of FORCING THEIR BELIEFS ON THE MASSES AND MAKING THEM PAY FOR IT? It should be each person's choice whether or not to help their fellow man. It should not be forced. That's slavery - making another labor and taking the profit for someone else.
    • Roaring
      A few Guilty Corporate Dems are not capable of rallying the masses as Bernie's message has. These Corporate Dems are working hard to undermine Bernie as their big money donors want to socialize their risks and privatize the profits. How much of that bank bailout actually helped every day folks? Look up what Democratic Socialism is and then have a substantive dialogue.
  • Socialism is only good for the masses, not the socialist. His three houses show that he's a capitalist. And putting "Democratic" in front of "Socialist" doesn't make it any less of a socialist. Mussolini was elected democratically as well.

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