• I hear the word every day and its petty.,
  • Every idiot that sings along to rap music uses it every 5 seconds. Most people don't care.
  • Nonsense to amplify the divide. A persons overall character cannot be defined by the folly of youth. We All need room to express ourselves without our faults being etched in history. A bigger problem in an ever increasing digitally recorded world used to freeze-frame on a blemish.
    • Linda Joy
      Well said!
    • Army Veteran
      I agree.
  • i think people need to get over that, he was just a kid
  • Willful actions have consequences...sometimes, deleterious consequences that last years, or even a lifetime. I don't know this story, details could change my opinion (for example: was he 13, or 19?) but I'm not inclined to defend the culprit against those who object to his past behavior.
  • Pretty lame, IMHO. Just listen to rap or hiphop radio for a minute to see how common that dreaded word is actually used.

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