• Yes, this can be complicated ...I talk to a girl but were not an official couple but she has a son age 2 and he has heart related problems...I think my opinion I wouldn't go through it if things bring you too much stress
  • Is her mother still alive and in her life? If so she should be corrected when she calls you mommy. I helped my son raise my grandson for 8 years and he occasionally called me mom or mommy. I corrected him. He also called his kindergarten teacher grandma and me Mrs. Fry. It happens. But I wouldn't want my son calling anyone else mom. I'm his mom. And if her mom is dead you should help her remember her mom. And repeatedly breaking up with her father is not healthy for her either. You are just her dad's girlfriend, nothing more. You've already proved you can't be counted on to be there for her in the long run. Playing house and acting like a mommy don't make you one. A true parent is there for life. Remember that!
    • Linda Joy
      What are you wearing in that picture? It looks like you're naked from the waist down and trying to show off your cleavage! Please refrain from damaging any more children!

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