• I don't think you can be friends. It's an open wound. You can never get rid of those feelings you have for him and it kills you inside. It will be less pain to end it than continue.
  • Sure, why hold a grudge? My last ex and I are probably better friends now than when we were married. We still rely on each other's help and talk often although we live over 2400 miles apart in two countries. In your case the sister had no right to meddle in your relationship. If he broke it off because of his sister then it may well be best to forget and move on as she means more to him than you.
    • BinkyBell
      You are right and even thou i know the truth I keep telling myself his just looking out for me... i don't know if i'm strong enough to be his friend , how would i react if i had to see him with another woman. you probably thinking im being a big baby but when you in a situation its hard to take your own advice...sadly but its true.
    • Thinker
      No, not a baby at all. Divorce is the tearing apart of two people leaving frayed nerve endings that are very sensitive. any touch by the offending parties, two in your case, can be horrible! If you see him with another woman very soon you may become very upset but because of the divorce he is free to do as he desires as do you. Only time can dim the hurt but it may never be gone entirely.
  • I can, they didn't find it as easy.

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