• When I was 20 I tried to prosecute a man who raped me.
    • Ice man
      That's nasty, I hope you won. Thanks for answering.
    • officegirl
      No because he held a coverlet over his face I could not positively identify his face even though I heard him coming from and going back to the room next to my utility closet. I was working as a maid and he was staying there with a woman. You are welcome.
    • we are dough
      A big hug with love and admiration for you "officegirl".....
  • Just the once. Got sent down for 5 years. Can you imagine me being naughty....?
    • Ice man
      Like the Scottish say, just before they fall down drunk, "Fawk Noooo".
    • we are dough
      Och, aye........

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