• This might be possible with most breeds of dogs, but not my border collie. after years of attempts, this dog will run free every time. he thinks the world is his border and he must protect it.
  • First you have to be a strong calm pack leader at home and all the time. The dog needs to respect you as pack leader. Then what we do is use a long bamboo or pvc pole like a long walking stick and hold it across our path. The dog should walk beside us or behind us but when it tries to go forward we lower the pole. Don't hurt the dog just block his way. We also have the dog wear a pack as this makes the dog think he is doing a job and they seem to take it more seriously. We do this to train our dogs to hike with us. THey learn to never rush forward and cross streams ahead of us and to stay behind us unless we ask them to come forward. There are more training tips on our website about dog hiking.
  • You've got to make it think your in control, biting it on the ear is the easiest way (and it works)(i don't recommend that for a bigger dog it might bite back) if you don't want to do that, try letting it off in an open area and practicing(give it a biscuit if it does what you say).
  • Making you dog know your in control is the best way (i don't know about biting it's ear tho) Taking them to a training class helps a lot because the dog learns that your it's master and with all the distractions they learn real fast. I did this with my dog and now i never walk my dog on a leash, tho it does take time i would start off with a leash and then make sure that they know your in control then let go of the leash and let it drag and when you stop and call their name see how they do and if the don't stop step on the leash keep doing this and they will eventually not need the leash. hope this helps!
  • Bonding with him/her after a while they should be attached enough to do so.. it takes time Idk.

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