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  • It tells me he has one of those weird fetishes of watching his wife have sex with another man. There are people who get off on that.
  • Cuckholding is a pretty common male fantasy. There's some science behind it, men knowing that another man has mated with their partner will often make them want to have sex, and they may have longer, more intense orgasms. There is research to show that a man's sperm count increases the longer he's away from his chosen mate. So it's reasonable to say that men who like to be cuckholded enjoy it because they get more intense sexual pleasure, which is a byproduct of what's really going on, which is sperm competition. Of course, only do this if it's something you both really want, and are sure about, and be safe and all that jazz.
  • I strongly urge you to think about it. If in doubt don't do it. If you don't have any doubts at all, and see no future problems then it might be okay. I'm not sure what exactly it says about him other than he likes sex in a little different way.
  • It says that he is free and open about his sexual fantasies, because you can't get much more open than that kind of weirdo fantasy. No, I'm sorry, its just plain weird. That doesn't take away the fact that he feels he can open up to you. If you really don't want to sleep with another man but would consider some form of alternative to please him, there are life-size male dolls which could serve to give him a reasonable version of his fantasy without compromising your own feelings on the matter. You would simply be making use of a very large sex toy instead of him. There are several advantages to this approach: no need to recruit an actual man (with his own emotional baggage and potential stalker urges), and STD and pregnancy risk become 0%. While there are basic inflatable male dolls which probably won't do it for him (nor you for that matter), there is a company called Abyss Creations which has created "RealDoll(tm)", a life size male or female doll with a firm but flexible, and poseable, body. The silicone body can be heated for some semblance of real body heat, to make it a little nicer for you. The basic price is about $6500, so with the price tag alone you will find out how much he really wants to see this happen (and whether or not your feelings matter into the bargain). I've provided a link to the Wikipedia entry on "RealDoll(tm)", with the company website link at the bottom. I'd link to the company website directly, but they do have a topless female RealDoll on the front webpage which may be offensive to some viewers.
  • He's gross and you need to call a lawyer.
  • He's stupid.
  • Your hubby has obviously been seeing too much internet porn or DVD porn... IF he is that into group sex or 3 sums with himself, a woman & another guy have him go to the whore houses outside of Las Vegas in NV... He is acting like @$$ he should stop his stupidity!
  • Its says guys are Nasty and you got one to open up. Your lucky mine asked if a guy could join in on the f**king. Thats right mine wanted me to get some dp action.
  • I believe he wants to have sex with a man...and you...but mostly with a man...maybe you don't have what he needs....doesn't mean he doesn't love you...just means he wants to get off!
  • Man what a buch of old fashioned prudes here. What is wrong with some action and adventure in a relationship. I know my woman and we have had a variety of situations and she is still the same woman I married 32 years ago. She has never wanted for another man outside our relationship. I have set us up a few times back whe we were younger and she loved pleasing me in any way even if it included doing a guy with me there and even joined in. We have had many mixed or interacial relationships and that didnt make her go out on her own for a man. I just knew that most women would enjoy it and I wanted my babe to be satisfied in any way I thought I could. I included her giving those guys some good enjoyable old fashioned head. She always ended up with me at the end of the night and we both know our sex was a ton better because of those things. She knew I loved seeing her do guys and was as much out to please me as anything. It worked for both of us.When we hooked up with our mixed race couples or sometimes just a guy, my wife was always pleased to handle him for me and would take the guy in her mouth as if it was me and even swallow whatever he offered her and she never complained but instead enjoyed the opportunity given her. She was just as curious about other men as any woman would be.
  • It says that he would like to watch you have sex with another man. The real question here is: Are you into it? Do you really want to do this? If so, do you want him to watch? Good luck, and Have fun!
  • He is selfish. I hope that you are not doing anything that you don't want to...nobody should...I would think it would be easier for him to rent a porn tape.
  • he trusts you and he trusts himself and he trust the relationship the both of you have with each other, and he has left it up to you if you go ahead with any of it...if it excites you ... do it and involve your hubby either by letting him watch /partipate or tell him what happened while he has his way with you ..... then you'll get to have your cake and eat it to ....go on you know you want to !
  • who could ever want their partner to have sex with another person?! this seems all too crazy for me...
  • i cant awnser your question but i will deffintely be up to having sex with you lol
  • guys are so weird. my boyfriend talks about renting me out to have sex with other guys like a hooker haha. i never know how to take it, becasue i really only want to be with him, and im used to bfs getting jeleous if other guys even look at me.
  • Hi there, My hubby asked the same of me, he kept on and on for months,To be honest with you it done my head in,I asked myself the same questions as you have, what does this say about him and his feelings to me, I asked a close friend what she would do, She told me to go for it and teach him a lesson, His ex brother in law was his suggestion and my hubby wanted three in a bed, I told him that if he was to see me have sex with another then it would be on my terms, He agreed (silly man) On the said night i tied my man to a chair and went to work on graham, I watched my hubby's reactions as i made out with graham at first it excited him but after a short time i new he began feeling a bit uneasy with it, I began to enjoy seeing him squirm and on a couple of occasions he looked away, i asked him if he was regretting talking me into it he shook his head, but i new that he was uncomfortable now,i told him i would stop if he liked,this time he nodded at me, However it didnt sway me in the least, He had given me a headache for months about doing this,I was now past the point of no return and i went to town with gray and done the full works,things that i'd never do with shaun,and i gave him full view of of everything, even smiling at him at times, He no longer has the craving for me to get it on with someone else, I wonder why, Fill your boots girl he wont stop till you do.
  • I think he loves himself more than he love you. Mine asked me the same thing and I asked him why and he told me that he was so proud of what I could do that he wanted others to know what he had like he was the man.
  • It could be that he loves you and wants you to be fulfilled in ways he thinks he can't. He might feel confident enough in your love for him that he knows you'd still love him even after having sex with another.
  • Cuckolding is a fairly common trait in men and is probably not as bad as him being possessive and jealous of you. Generally men who have this trait really do love their wives and remain faithful to them. Your best plan is next time he brings it up talk seriously about it and ask him as many questions about it as you can think of. He won't be able to answer them all but it will give you an insight into his deepest innermost feelings which can only be good for the marriage. Personally I would not recommend that you indulge him in this - but that is up to you. Just talking about it will probably meet his needs.
  • He is priming you for what HE really wants and that will come out later! He either wants to be able to have sex with other women or other men too and this is his way of getting you open. I think he probably doesn't have very good morals and is the type that believes that sex is just sex..It means nothing. HOWEVER, be careful, this type of man is usually the type that WOULD leave if he found a "better" spouse in his eyes. Sounds selfish and gross to me, lacking purpose in a marriage.
  • Did you ask him outright if he's priming you? my husband gets turned on thinking of the idea of me and some other guy. he says its hot knowing other guys want to have sex with your wife...and the image of this is sexy, ACTUALLY screwing some other guy would kill him... It seems your husband regretted his asking you to do this...if you trust him, then ask him outright, what about that turns him on? Why he wanted it?
  • He probally wishs to share your enjoyment
  • He is really insecure about the size of his Penis. He wants you to experience another Man who is well-endowed so that you can make comparisons.He wants to hear from you how much better sex was with a much bigger Man.
  • why would he want that? you are suppose to be his wife, if he wanted to share you he shouldn't have marry you. wtf is the world coming to
  • I've had this fantasy, as well, and my wife and I have discussed it but I think the reality is that it is much too difficult to keep a happy marriage with just two people involved, let alone adding another one to the mix. I certainly wouldn't judge, because I have heard about some people enjoying this, but I think you have to be extremely careful and talk about it and really be comfrotable before doing it... Good luck.
  • It wasn't right for him to do that to you but you were cruel as well and didn't make it any better. You enjoyed another man in front of your husband and trashed your wedding vows.
  • it says you getting it off with with another man, another man enjoying how hot you are gets your hubbie hard. so what. takes all kinds eh? been there, done that, had fun, life goes on, no devil popped up to take my soul and opera's not calling. go on, if you like a bit of strange and your blokes cool, i say, LETS DO IT!
  • Honey, get a divorce NOW, thats not normal, he wants to get off on watching you have sex..Then he bring in other men and woman...Something is not right with him...Get rid of him, he doesn't love you..No man in the right mind would want their wife with another..
  • There is a very simple primal answer to why your husband enjoys this so. Sperm Competition Syndrome. All men are born with it. Before the church and modern morals females were free to mate with as many males as they cared to. It was good for the species, whether the female's mate liked it or not. According to the former editor of Penthouse Forum, the number one story, desire and fantasy that flooded their mailboxes was the desire on the part of men to see their wives or girlfriends with another man. It's very common yet such a taboo though few will admit to having the fantasy. The reason it turns on so many millions of men around the world is quite simple and biological. Sperm competition syndrome is triggered when a man or other primate sees his partner with another man, is told of it, suspects it, or can even occur when he is absent from her for even a brief period of time. When he next has sex with his partner (and he will want to immediately) he will have an orgasm 3 times stronger than usual, his pelvic thrusts will be 3 times as hard. There's one simple explanation for this: he wants to make sure the baby is his. This desire has nothing to do with a man's masculinity, sexuality or psychology. It is primal, plain and simple.
  • sounds like a trap to me. He is offering this without telling you what he will demand in return for this "favor"
  • My Boy Friend never wanted me to have sex with another man, but we used to talk about fantisies, and after a good deal of talking about it, I told him that for me, and a lot of my girl friends, the most common fantisie was to be with two men at the same time. We never actually did it, but we do something sort of like it. We used a toy to simulate the other guy, and it was a lot of fun.
  • Be grateful that he wants to spoil you , so enjoy the experience togeather , having your partner that is familiar with your needs and able to get you ready for the third party will be very hot for you , I am sure the temperature will be boiling .
  • I don't know my husband would take that too. He wants us to go to a local xxx theater to hook up with just any random stranger. It makes me sick to my stomach. To each is their own but I am done b/c it controls his whole life and is even more important than his family and refuses to go to therapy because he does not want to change. I hope you have the courage to do what is best for you.
  • It says he is weird, and a sexual deviant. That's abnormal. And sick. It also says he is not confident of his masculinity. Any psychologist can tell you that sharing the same woman, or even thoughts of doing so, is a sublimated form of homosexuality. You ought to get therapy for him before his fantasies get worse and he begins to indulge them. But if I were female and his wife, I would leave the sicko in a heartbeat. . If you're smart, or if you are a decent woman, he should be your ex-husband by now.
  • It says that he’s straight and that he loves you. If he didn’t love you it wouldn’t be a turn on for him. This trait is fairly common in men but obviously they don’t talk much about it. It came about in evolutionary times and so it is a deep seated instinct in a lot of men. You shouldn’t knock it. It’s what allows men to marry girls who weren’t vigins when they met. My advice is to talk to him about it. Ask him question like how he sees it happening, what about afterwards? And so on. Quite often talking about it is enough to get him turned on. Remember he has confided his deepest darkest secret and if you tease him he will clam up and never confide in you again. Use the conversation to bond with him. Don’t actually do it for real thoughor there will probablty be unintended consequences. Keep it as a fantasy.
  • he is using this as bait....after you have had sex with another man, he will ask something really aweful of you, and then use this as a way to guilt you into doing it. Dont give him ammo to fire at YOU!
  • It will not help your relationship with your husband. I once had a bf who would pick men for me to have sex. I did not want to do it but I was in love with him and it seemed like the only way to get him to pay attention to me sexually . Otherwise he never was very interested. Sometimes I could come with the men then with him but it seemed like he only would pick big men with large penises.I have ever since regretted this and I would say if he needs to have another man around to be interested in you then leave him. There are plenty of men who will want you for just yourself. Don't waste your time and energy (or orgasms)on anything else.
  • I think just dirty-talking about it during sex will keep him happy and at bay for a good long time, assuming you're comfortable with dirty talk. You haven't yourself said if the idea appeals to you at all.
  • he dosen't really love you

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