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  • I think it depends on their reason for not drinking. Some tee totallers that I know are very holier than thou about the fact they 'don't need to drink to have fun'. Or 'drinking is dangerous and irresponsible'. If someone preaches about it or paints themselves as a saint for not drinking then I do not respect them for it. It's just another way to be different/superior. If a person doesn't drink but doesn't make a point of it then yes, I can respect that.
  • I don't respect or lack respect for them. The fact that they do has no bearing on my respect.
  • I respect people who recognized that drinking was a problem for them and stopped because of it. I know how hard that is from personal experience. but otherwise I could care less who does and doesn't drink cuz some people enjoy it, some don't.
  • Hek yes! Why wouldn't you? I have less respect for those who drink too much. I applaud the the ones who have the will power to not drink.
  • Just for that? Hardly.
  • I respect people that have quit drinking when it became a real problem in their life. As for some who never drank, I think that's fine but it's no big deal.
  • Of course I do. I used to be an alcoholic. It has been 25 years since I really got drunk. I feel a lot better and healthier now.
  • No more than I respect people who do.
  • Yessssssss.
  • It depends. There are those who chose not drink (whether they don't like the taste, cost, or potential consequences) and there are those who REFUSE to drink (the ones who won't even take a single social sip). I don't respect the person who fears alcohol as if it's some sort of voodoo magic.
  • Sure - as long as they ain't preechy.
  • I don't drink and I respect myself. :)
  • Whether they drink or not makes no difference to me and isn't a factor when it comes to respecting that person except when it is a person who once obviously had a drinking problem and stopped. Then I might respect the effort. Will I then respect the person? Depends on the person as a whole.
  • It depends.A person might not drink or smoke,but he might have other vices like abusing kids,being mean to others,wife beating,getting indulged in corruption,being the part of a terrorist group etc. . If drinking would be the only vice on earth,I'd certainly respect those more who don't drink or have never drank a drop in past.
  • Yes as long as they dont bring there beliefes onto me becuase i do like to drink
  • Yes...if you are not nice to them, who is going to drive your drunk a$$ around.
  • i never drinked befor but i dont care if the person drinks or not some just dont like it no big deal (me, i like sweet stuff not alcohol) :D
  • I respect people that drink responsibly.
  • By god, yes! How do they SURVIVE? It's like a miracle in our modern world!
  • It doesn't make any difference to me as long as the people that do enough a few don't drink too much and the people that don't drink at all don't patronise or judge those drink sensibly.
  • Yes. If I disrespected non-drinkers, I would be disowning most of my own family.
  • If there are other reasons to respect them then yes, but I'm not going to respect them JUST because they don't drink.
  • Not really. They've decided to do something, or not as the case may be, and I am completely impassive about that. I don't not respect them, I just don't... care!
  • I dont base respect on that at all. but it is sure nice to have around, when the rest of us are drunk and need to go home.
  • I don't respect them any more or less than I respect people who do drink. I might respect them a little more or less based on how they treat people who do drink, though.
  • Yes !! i do0 and i respect the people who drink also only if they r nice and kind to0 :)
  • Respect is earned not given. When someone earns my respect it does not matter if they drink or not.
  • Yes I do. I don't drink and I even respect myself!
  • Whether or not someone drinks has nothing to do with respect. I respect people who have earned my respect.+4
  • yes but I also respect those who can drink in moderation only.
  • wether they drink or not as long as they respect me as well...why not..
  • I respect people - all people - until they give me a reason not too; it has nothing to do with whether they drink or not.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with respect, it's just a choice they made. I choose not to eat egg's would you say you respect me for that or just blow it off and think " well it's his choice"? now if your asking because someone has a drinking prob and they stopped then I would just say "smart move, Good for him/her"!
  • Not sure if you mean people who just don't like alcohol or alcoholics that gave it up. People that don't drink because they don't like it don't deserve any more respect than someone that doesn't eat spinach. My bro-in-law was an alcoholic until he stopped drinking 18 years ago. Not a drop since, although his wife is still drinking, sometimes quite a bit too much. Anyway, I take my hat off to people like him, and yes, they deserve every ounce of respect. I have the greatest admiration for their willpower because beating alcoholism is a never ending battle!

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