• It doesn't sound like she wants to. If she did, she'd do it. Maybe there is something else that's blocking her from trying....?
  • tell her to just go try it out because if she does fail (which i belive she wont) then she can just try it again. Nobody is ever good at first it takes practice. michle jordan is the best basketball player ever, but in colledge he didnt get accepted to play. he got rejected 3 to 4 times, but if you set your mind to it then you can do it
  • My husband encouraged me because I felt the same way. He kept nagging (in a good way) me to do it. So I studied for the entrance exams because I applied as a mature student. I think my intelligence is on the higher end of average (IQ~124). So anyways, I studied for a couple of weeks and it was pretty much common sense questions in the areas of math, physics, biology, english. I even passed physics and I didn't even take the course! So I got accepted into the registered nursing program and did pretty okay! Just tell her "go for it, what's the worst thing they can say? No?" If they do then just reapply! P.S. I had no choice to drop out of high school in the beginning of grade 11 due to reasons beyond my control at the time. GOOD-LUCK, DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL BE FINE!
  • My honest opinion. She smokes pot and has to be coached on everything to get motivated--she won't make it in nursing school. That is not a program you pay hundreds of dollars for and then half do the job. It takes a LOT of motivation and study to do it. If she fails one class (usually less than a C) she will be kicked out of the program. She sounds like she is not ready to be a nurse or doesn't want to. Enourage her to do what she wants to do. Maybe she thinks she wants to be a nurse because her family expects it due to her dropping out of HS. Either way she will unlikely make it in nursing school if she can't motivate herself. If she takes the test she can always retake it if she fails a part of it.
  • Be a role model for her, and support her. She needs to know whether or not she fails your behind her 100%. she might be afraid of failing but it's normal. There is even counseling that she can go to or support groups to encourage her.
  • All you gotta say to her is, "You can do it!".

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