• thats up to you, i would wonder whats wrong with him that hes acting like that
  • That's too young to retire from life. Tell him you are both going to marriage counseling and he will take is seriously and cooperate or move out. It sounds like something happened to him a year ago and he doesn't want to talk about it. You can probably work though what ever that was but you cannot accept being in a brain dead relationship at 42.
  • I think he is under pressure of work and continues working the same environment. give him a break.
    • Valley_girl
      Actually I give him lots of freedom to do his own things.He often goes on fishing trip with his buddies and I show support towards his work.If I never ask him we would go for months without being intimate.He has become cold and quiet.But he is not depressed.
    • Kajalraani
      If any sexual problem, for sex power regarding so you must try a piece garlic daily, empty stomach at morning. this is my personal experience, try it minimum 15 to 30 days.
  • Could be he's suffering erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Or it could be you're just worrying too much.

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