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  • Normal is a setting on a washing machine... If it turns you on and she is into it there are no rules... The only limits in sexuality are the one you set for yourself... Enjoy your sexual desires and live life to the fullest... Life is but a mere flash... Relish all the sensuality and beauty you can...
  • Yes, it's totally normal. My gf is a dominatrix, and I'm a submissive bisexual. She love to watch me get gang banged by a bunch of skaters, and we arrange a session about once a week. Once I sucked off eleven skaters in front of her. It paid off when we got home. We had the wildest kinkiest BDSM session we had ever had. I love getting gang banged, but most of all, I love my GF for getting turned on by it, too.
  • its one thing for you to have this turn-on ... its another for her to share it ... if you have talked about it with her, then how does she feel? lots of women have the same fantasy, but there are tons more who would be repulsed by it ... just don't force your fantasies onto her
  • Do you really care how "normal" your fantasy is? It wouldn't be much of a fantasy to say that you wish you could have sex with your wife in the missionary position.... Watching my lady get DPed would make me hot. Of course, I'd have to join in on the action.
  • Yes - you think she is hot and want to see her perform!
  • Watching your wife having sex with someone else is the most exciting thing that can ever happen to the both of you . John

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