• that FoxNews reports news - fair and balanced. Ha.
  • UFO's and alien abduction while the government keeps it quiet. +5
  • Scientology's tenets.
  • That television will take over our minds!!!!
  • The world ending in 2012, but really,..nobody but God knows when that day will hit.
  • The magic bullet theory.
  • That the teletubby with the triangle atop his head is really an advocate/advertizement for gays. +5
  • I think David Icke's "reptilian, shape-shifting aliens from a fourth dimension are the leaders of this planet etc. etc. etc." takes the cake. Right up there is the "the government is drugging us using chemicals in jet fuel so we will always feel a 'little bit off' and won't resist the new world order" conspiracy - usually uttered by 300-pound fat people who've lived on deep fried donuts for 20 years as an explanation as to why they don't feel all sprightly...
  • That genetically modified foods and vaccines are used specifically to keep us sick.
  • That Roosevelt wanted Pearl Harbour to happen and Bush wanted 9/11 to happen. No matter what you say about elected politicians, to be honest I don't think they want their countrymen killed to achieve the goals. On Pearl Harbour, there is another conspiracy theory I think is stupid, that the US Government knew it was going to happen so it sent the carriers on a training mission. That was a coincidence and really bad luck for the Japanese. Besides, the Japanese where still clinging to the idea of "decisive battle", a Jutland-style Battleship brawl. Thats why they built the largest battleships ever built (Yamato-class), and why they wanted to destroy the US Battleships. Although after several months of conflict the Japanese had realised battleships where obsolete in the face of the Aircraft carrier. If the Japanese concentrated more on Pearl Harbour's port facilities, and more specifically, the fuel reserves, it would have given the US command more trouble than sinking battleships would have done, because by 1941 battleships where almost useless anyway. Considering all but 2 (I think) ships where raised from Pearl Harbour, I would say the raid was a HUGE failure, and all it did was cause the end for the Japanese Empire. EDIT: The reason people think Roosevelt wanted Pearl Harbour to happen is so that he would have an excuse for coming to the aid of Britain and entering the war, which he wanted to do but the rest of the country was too isolationist. People say he moved the fleet to Pearl Harbour where it would be vulnerable to attack. But he ordered the carriers out of port so he could fight the war afterwards. Really, it was not his decision, but the US Navy admirals who moved the fleet to Pearl, because the recognised the threat from Japan so moved the fleet to a base closer to Japan. And people say Bush wanted 9/11 to happen so he could invade Iraq for the oil...some people even say he conspired with the terrorists or even used CIA agents to fly the planes into the buildings.
  • G.W.Bush was intelligent ... Ha! can you believe it? LMFAO ...
  • That Christians in America are being persecuted. 76% of Americans self identify as Christian. So who is the majority of folks who are doing the oppression?
  • This one:
  • The Queen of England had Princess Dianna killed because of her work in third world countries concerning land mines.
  • Ever? Wow so many....Just to name the top contenders . Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen 9/11 was allowed to happen The moon landing never occurred JFK was shot by Oswald Obama isn't eligible for the presidency Roswell The New World Order The 1993 WTC bombing was done by the FBI The Bill Clinton Body count The transition to DTV is mind control Flouride in the water is a military test to give people mental disorders . But the stupidest theory I've ever heard is the dreaded Left Wing Media.
  • That Obama is a new age Hiter trying to take all the rights from the American people.

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