• 10/19/17 No, but being circled by coyotes "talking" to each other at night with nothing but a dying flashlight as you walk from your car to your apartment is unnerving. I park in front of my front door when I come home at night now. :P Ok, so I really just wanted to tell my coyote story. Sorry for hijacking your question.
    • Linda Joy
      You're welcome to hijack and tell any story you want! I enjoyed it!
    • Subject 89P13
      :D Thank you.
  • no, i usually know its a bird
    • Linda Joy
      Not long ago Articfox said he liked waking up to birds chirping in the morning. That's why when I heard the birds chirping I thought about Articfox's answer and smiled. I did not actually think it was a fox.
  • No but I've seen a weasel grab a bird and go so fast that i'd have missed it if I blinked.

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