• I don't think we should lower it. There are many, more pressing issues the government (state and federal) should be focusing on...If they want it, let them cross the border.
  • Your statistic is bogus. There are 3 times as many people over 30 with drivers' licenses than there are between 16 and 30. But to answer your question, I *DO* believe the drinking age should be lowered to 18 or 19. Not being able to lawfully drink complicates college, and creates an odd and unnatural exception to the rights, privileges, and obligations of adulthood. However, I have no objection to severe license restrictions for younger drinkers who drive. eg BAL above 0.05% results in 2-year immediate license suspension (but no criminal record).
  • No. Keep it there. How many 30+ folks feel like they're Superman?

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