• First, impress on her that she should NOT say that word again. You don't have to explain what the word means. Simply tell her the expression means, get out of here, forget you, I'm done with you.
  • Explain it to her. I's just a word. When people say "it's just a bad word", thats not a good enough explanation. Tell her it's a word that adults use for a lot of different reasons, but it's ugly. Tell her that there's certain words adults can you and kids can't, just like there's certain things adults can do that kids cannot. Tell her it's a word that's mostly used by people who don't know a lot of words, but it's not necessary for those of us who have a big vocabulary (always good to encourage education). But just remember that at the end of the's just a fuckin' word.
  • Thats not your job. Thats a parenting job. You can say mom and dad dont like dirty language to be used. Go talk to them. Then you alert a parent and let it go.
  • tell your parents about it

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