• Is there any real reason you couldn't go with her? Might it be that you are waiting for a "better offer"? Come on, she has been brave enough to ask you...accept. :-)
  • Maybe you should go if she has feelings for you. She had the courage to ask you.
  • If you have nothing better to do why not give it a whirl, as lng as it is just as friends and she realises that is all it is going to be/ It could be a nice favour for a friend and it may be better fun than you think
  • if you dont plan to go to prom at all, just say you just don't feel like going. that way your not saying no you just dont want to go at all. if you plan to go with someone else i would just be honest and say you already said you would go with --- or say you waiting for someone to ask you you like
  • If she is your friend she will understand and respect you a lot more if you tell her the truth.
  • Since I'm a teen myself, I think there are several options I would choose: 1) If you're not going at all, tell her that. If she is a good friend, she would understand. 2) If you already promised someone, tell her that! Don't lie. Honesty is the best policy. 3) If you just plain don't like her that way, then just say that you want to be just friends and you only think of her that way. If you're just looking for a better offer..shame, shame.

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