• One sided love never works find someone on the same page.
  • The pond is full of fish!
  • It's a big ocean
  • Contact your inner being... that's who you are where your heart, your Soul, your Bliss, and your Happiness is. Concentrate on your Self and who you are.... ....Be aware of the situation and observe ...but never lose your cool, your happiness your bliss....Always be there, at peace with yourself and simply observe as life presents the world passing by....Don't be attached to it..... You are complete within yourself..... But dance the dance of life in your Bliss. and be unattached..... Dance of Life, while enjoying all that it gives you within whatever time it lasts...... Find your Bliss, and always carry your dance within your Bliss through any change you are presented with..... Love without attachment as you walk within your bliss.....
  • not much you can do, maybe someday you'll get another boyfriend

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