• They probably will. They are getting awfully close to it.
  • I have got to be the most paranoid person on the planet. I would never allow anything that could potentially turn on my and take over my life to clean my house.
  • I truly believe they will, and I sincerely hope so.
  • They already have been. The Roomba vaccuuming system, the robotic waiter who can deliver drink and food items and the completely self-sufficient units in hospitals that can navigate elevators and hallways while delivering items are examples of robotic inventions. If you're talking androids and human-like robots, I imagine that's on the horizon. I'm all for it. Less work and human error, more relaxation.
  • well we can certainly hope, can't we? ;-)
  • maybe in the future they will be made
  • I hope not because if robots can do their own maintenence then what will the rest of us do? I mean people who lose their jobs to machines can get a new job maintaning that machine, but if the machine maintaned itself then there is no work for a person.
  • I hope they do, I would like to have a robot helping around the house.
  • They already are. But just like humans - they don't do it well all the time
  • They are available now and can do most of the work.
  • I’m sure there will be robot house cleaners in the future because at this moment in time there are robot hoovers available to buy. There are technological advancements for home use so some day in the future, rich people will be able to buy a robot house cleaner.
  • Maybe. I'll definitely buy some sort of a more advanced iRobot to do not just vacuuming, but all of my household chores with the touch of my iPhone. That's what's up! :D

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