• No. My bilingual assistant manager hired people who only spoke Spanish as Cooks and I didn't speak Spanish. The cards that instructed them how to do the job were written in both English and Spanish. Fortunately the words for original and crispy are pretty much the same in English and Spanish. LOL
    • MichaelXD
      Good to know the real truth rather than just made up lies. Well communication is based on English, and most of the time I think of jobs in the present, I think of going out and meeting to talking to people, but that's not really how all jobs work unless you maybe apply for a real estate agent, but who knows?
    • Linda Joy
      yes, obviously we couldn't have people working on the front line who couldn't speak English dealing with the customers. I learned a few words in Spanish enough to tell the cook what I needed her to cook and she learned some English as well. of course I can't speak for everyone.
  • depends on the job

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