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  • Some folks think that they are arguing if they don't agree on everything. If you are having an honest, open exchange that doesn't include personal attacks, sandbagging, etc., then , yes, the relationship strengthens.
  • not at all. I sometimes wonder if arguing is all that keeps some people together. I can understand debating something, having differences of opinion, but when I see people in relationships that argue a lot, I wonder why they even life is all about stress free, cooperative, relationships. Who wants to be in a relationship and pissed off and arguing all the does that make anyone stronger? It only proves you don't have enough resolve to realize you aren't a good match and leave.
  • No, not if they argue a lot. If they're arguing all the time, than something needs to change. But arguing once in awhile does make the relationship stronger, because it builds on your knowledge of each other and your ability to work with each other.
  • Arguing a lot is stressful and unhealthy for the people involved. Constant arguing means anger and fear, which ultimately degrades the quality of any relationship.
  • No, arguments, as opposed to discussion, solve nothing and certainly do not strengthen a relationship. People that argue a lot are on the slippery slope to separation.
  • I absolutely do believe that, yes. It's my view that if they don't argue, they are not really connected! That is, as long as they learn to argue well. They have to have similar STYLES - if one of them won't "come into the ring," so to speak, and "duke it out," then that is what can undermine a relationship. If both of them prefer to walk away and cool down, that can work, too; but I still feel that the optimum way for a relationship to have a chance for continuing success is if BOTH of them "step into the ring" each time, put it ALL out there, i.e., air ALL the "dirty laundry" or just plain angry feelings. This should not be with violence, however!! If a couple learns how to yell it out, and then get through it and finally past it, the "make up" phases can be GREAT and ultimately, NOTHING can tear that couple apart.
  • I would have to say NO, even if the argument is over something important. Arguments will always occur, but a LOT of arguing can't be good for any relationship.
  • Well my mam & dad nearly argued daily and they have been married for over 20 years and still going strong.
  • no, as a matter of fact.. theres not much else you can do to make a relationship weaker than by arguing
  • that depends on if its a construcitve argument or if they're just yelling at eachother for the sake of just yelling
  • Difference of opinion and debate are not the same as arguing a lot.
  • Some fighting can make a relationship stronger it proves you can get through almost anything.. but a lot of fighting and arguing isn't really a good thing.
  • not at all... arguing ends up one person with a low self esteem and the other walking round like an arrogant pr**k
  • no,it means they are nutters who should nt be any where near each other
  • It depends. It can be a sign of two well defined people who know how to express their wants, needs, and preferences. OR It can be sign of perpetual, unrelenting conflict. The key is in how the couple resolves their arguments. If they compromise and come back together then it can be a very healthy, positive, thing. If they hold grudges, keep score, and won't budge then . . . get the divorce papers ready!
  • It all depends whether there is mutual respect when they argue. If there is no mutual respect and only personal attack, they would feel hurt and their relationship would eventually fall apart. +3
  • Some arguing is good for a relationship as long as it does not get out of hand. This is sometimes the beginning phase for domestic violence. Its okay to disagree as long as its kept under control.
  • Maybe for some, but as a general rule and certainly for me, no.
  • Possibly. It could be a way of getting to know each other and possibly resolving your differences. As long as they play fair and not hit below the belt.
  • I don't like to argue with my spouse. I have two divorces to prove it. I've been with my current SO for almost ten years and not one argument. +5
  • They eventually become familiar to this chaotic routine, and when the slightest peace occurs it is acknowledged with emphasis.
  • I don't know how that to me can make any sense. I generally feel that if you are constantly arguing with your partner then there must be a big problem in the relationship. Everyone has problems now and then, but to have them constantly isn't a good sign overall.
  • People need to get out things that are bothering them about the other person. So occasionally you need to argue...if it's all the time, then there is a problem and possibly you are not well suited for eachother
  • Discussions make a relationship stronger, too many arguements don't.
  • No. Hell no. Absolutely not. I'm free after 6 PM; want to get together then?
  • LoL!!!...whoever said that is a tard. ...It means that they have a lack of communication, and their relationship will never even be STRONG, unless they change it.
  • From "Everyone says that when you overcome your obstacles, it makes you stronger. But does that kind of statement apply to relationships? I once heard that if a couple cannot handle the hard times together, then they will not succeed. I guess it's the thought of being there for each other and taking care of each other. It's like you're both going through it together instead of dealing with it separately. Do the obstacles you go through as a couple, like fights and drama, make you both stronger and the relationship more durable? My boyfriend and I are a happy couple. We do have a few fights, but they're meaningless and very tiny compared to our other friends' fights. Because we don't fight a lot - practically not at all - does that mean our relationship is strong, or do we HAVE to go through these "tests/obstacles" to make us stronger? I'm not saying that we should start fights with each other or anything. It was just a random realization that I had. Should I even worry that we don't fight at all? Some people want drama in their relationship or are drama seekers to make their dull relationship more exciting...but I would like to stay away from those issues so we can have a normal and happy relationship. We both hate fighting and getting angry with each other, so we both are cautious and try not to let things get to us. And it's working so far...."
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