• I don’t think gay people are as serious a threat to marriage as some people think...but certainly the mentality of people that sets them in a position to marry will bring forth other changes. The rotten apple does not fall far from the rotten tree.
  • “If God is with us who can stand against us?” David writes in Psalms. I’m reminded of this passage because of the recent victories against hate in Vermont and Iowa. Truly God must be with the gay rights movement because these victories fly in the face of all conventional wisdom! Instead of hiding as we did forty years ago we are a force worthy of recognition. The pope recognizes our power and tries to contort logic to fit his agenda in his policies and sermons. Politicians regularly lie to us and lie about us. We have whole religious movements dedicated to our conversion or downfall. Our opponents say that we are a abomination and they don’t want their children learning about us through the antics of two penguins in the public schools. Yet they feel free to lie about us on national television every Sunday. They seem totally willing to destroy their religions good names and works all so they don’t have to worship or live next to us. Let’s face it my brothers and sisters if God was truly against gay marriage than we would have no victories. Instead equality has swept Europe and is now sweeping the US. All within forty years. My God truly is a righteous God and if he is for us than no agent of Hell can stand against us!

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