• mean people
  • I don't really have any cause to "hate" anyone, but I do tend to dislike liars and loud mouth idiots who insist on spreading misinformation.
  • I don't hate anyone outside Satan. there are those whom I don't wish to associate for one reason or another but I don't like the word "hate".
  • Evil people who just want to kill
  • I don't hate. Karma will justify as needed.
  • The ones that are breathing.
    • Ice man
      So do you hate them less when they stop breathing ?
    • Joel Spafford
      funny! at least they arent taking up any more oxygen!!
  • I don't hate anyone. I do find LOUD people annoying, including the ones who use ALL CAPS to type.
  • Hatred is a negative feeling. There are people who cause others to feel hatred by mistreating them in some form whether it’s physical or mental damage. The only way to not feel hatred is to avoid the wrongdoers and that’s what I do. I choose not to be victim of someone’s wrongdoings so as I don’t feel hatred by withdrawing from them. I’m better off being around someone or people who know how to love and respect properly. I think your question encourages others to express their hatred which is wrong because Answerbag mentions about being civil before the asker is asking a question.
  • stupid pathetic people that constantly cry they are the victim.
  • I think "hate" is a very strong word. I really despise extremists of any sort though. Religious, political, or social. They really annoy me. 10/8/23
  • Yeshua gave us the commandment to love all others as you love yourself. (Matthew 22:39) I hate no one although there are some people I do not care to associate with.
  • I took the word "hate" out of my vocabulary a log time ago. Just because I don't care for something, I don't jump straight to hating it!!!
  • Professional politicians. They are generally the scum of the earth.

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