• It was just one of a long line of stupid statements she has made in her "career".
  • Didn't she have a brother "Joey" who had an affair with Amy Fisher?
  • Doesn't she pretty much suck anyhow? I can hardly remember who the hell she is. I mean, even Sandra Bernhardt is more memorable. That pretty much establishes her irrelevance to me right there.
  • I saw the segment on Kieth Olbermann's Countdown. I thought at the time that what she said was wrong and not at all helpful to her cause. I do believe the tea baggers were misguided. We have the lowest individual tax rates of any industrialized nation on earth and 95% of us just got a tax cut -- in fact the biggest middle-class tax cut in US history. But I don't think any of us Love taxes. I'll bet that the most liberal Senator or Representative on Capitol Hill doesn't get one letter a month from a constituent begging for a tax increase. Most of us recognize why taxes are needed, and want the services they provide. But we all kind of hate having to ante up to get those services.
  • Sounds like she's having a hard time coming up with decent material so she's reaching.
  • I think Janeane Garofalo is great but she has been playing around in the political arena as of lately and sometimes that works for those that come from the entertainment industry and sometimes it does not, in her case since she is a comedian and comedians like to push the envelope, it does not work very well for her...
  • I was neither shocked or surprised by what she thought and had the bad judgement to say out loud. Like all the other entertainment types whos egos have taken them to a far off wonderland, they really believe that what they have to say, matters and makes sense. Like Strisand (sic), Sarandon etc., who threaten to move out of the country if they don't get their way in the voting booth. As if I care where these people live. And like everything else they say, you can't believe them because, apparently they all remained in the United States. She just doesn't seem to understand how ridiculous she sounds. My father, a staunch democrate used to say ~ "When they can't argue the facts, they resort to personal attacks". He hated it when his own party sounded uneducated and desperate.
  • I try not to think of J.G. too much. No, they're not. But they do sound like a bunch of petulant children at times. No.
  • She's just another entertainer making remarks about things she shouldn't; she should stick to comedy.
  • I don't know what she said, but why would people "Hate" Texas anyway?
  • People who hate taxes are saying they hate public highways and transportation, saying they hate the fact our nation can defend itself, saying they hate that our children can be educated and have a good chance at life, saying they hate having water and electricy come to their homes and their garbage taken away from their homes, that they hate the fact a police force and justice system is compensated sufficiently to keep it from becoming highly corrupt.........its a narrow minded selfish way of thinking. Are taxes always used apropriately? Of course not. But the vast majority of the time they are, and are one of the reasons why life here in the U.S. is better than in almost all the rest of the world.
  • She means absolutely nothing to me.
  • She may not have expressed it in the most elegant way possible but she has a point: Where were all the "Teabaggers" when the Bush administration was running then-record deficits (and hiding their true size by putting the Iraq/Afghanistan wars on "emergency supplemental" bills)? Where were all the "Teabaggers" when the Bush administration was cutting taxes on the very wealthy without cutting spending, thereby guaranteeing that our descendants would have to pay it back with interest? Where was the "Teabaggers" fear of government when the Bush administration was spying on Americans, rendering people to foreign countries without trial, and committing war crimes? Where were the "Teabaggers" when Blackwater was running amok in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina? Where were the "Teabaggers" when the Bush plan to bail out the banking industry was "Give us $700 billion and DON'T YOU DARE ask us to be accountable for it?" Where were all the "Teabaggers" when President Bush was holding hands and strolling with a Saudi Prince (compare that non-reaction to that when Obama 'bowed' to a Saudi royal)? So, yes, I think she has a point to question the true motives of a bunch of yahoos who show up to Fox News-orchestrated 'protests'. Especially given the rhetoric during the presidential campaign. . . .

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