• A women with a small mouth is a good one to marry,as the women with the big mouth that doesn't know when to shut-up is a loud one that i would not want to know,marry.
  • for a man with a little penis. I have seen enough of you questions to guess this question was innocent. I think someone downrated you because they thought it was dirty. +6
  • Get that one out of your fortune cookie t'night, did ya? :-)
  • no it doesnt really matter...girls are gonna talk anyways so who cares
  • It works the same way with men!
  • i dont know many women with small mouths but i know some who know what and what not is appropriate..and that holds there tongue,,,i wish i was that way lol i do like to gossip but not in a bad way...just a cheesemosa lol
  • because american men only want a wife for sex, not companionship or a partnership.
  • Does that mean that if she has a small mouth you think she won't be so talkative? Or did you have something else on your mind?
  • Every married man doesn't say that, that's why it's an overgeneralization. Also, a married man should never talk that way to his wife. Case in point, you married an asshole! The problem is, typically women go after shitty guys. Then they go and get married to them and are shocked by the way things turn out. If he does talk that way to the wife, maybe it's not him...maybe it IS you. But in any case, you can't just blame the whole male sex because you picked a goddamn retard to marry. Stop blaming others for what your shitty husband does or doesn't do.
  • If you're a little man, then definitely.

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