• I think he may have an issue with that part of his relationship, be it physical or psychological. It could be erectile dysfunction or tiredness. It could be infidelity or it could be a lack of libido. As with every relationship effective communication is key in solving any problems that occur.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Or maybe it's her.
    • proxima centauri
      Very true, in hindsight the original post does seem like a loaded question.
  • You don't say if it is you or your wife who has refused. In either case the one who is not fulfilling the congeal rights of their mate is committing adultery Biblically. See Exodus 21:10b. Adultery does not necessarily involve sex but can be by the lack of sex.
  • Better check the couple, both
  • I don't. Its not my business and I have no reason or right to judge. Even if I were a counselor paid to help and it was my job I'd need way more info.

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