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  • Not for the person being cheated on, for sure!
  • Lets put it this way between his thighs his ignorance lies and between her thighs her power lies.
  • it's a shame but I have been witness to it myself. known a guy or two that had a wife and kids and cheated and he always said it was meaningless, that he loves his wife and all that...seems like some guys can somehow love their wife and think of sex outside the marriage like it is no different than going to play a few holes of golf or something. What these guys fail to realize though is that even though the person they slept with might have not meant anything to them, she was merely a "recepticle for fulfilling a need", there are 2 other people involved (the wife and the lover) and his actions were not necessarily meaningless to them! Regardless of whether he had any emotional involvement in it does not remove him from the physical repercussions he might face (divorce etc.) and many only use this kind of thought process to hide the fact that they are emotionally immature and reckless with other people's lives and feelings. The fact that these guys think the fact that it was meaningless will get them off the hook only shows how immature and unthinking they are..cheating is never right but I think if a spouse cheated on me and she said it meant nothing to her I would be more hurt and ashamed of them than if they would have told me they couldn't help it because the fell deeply in love with this other person. I could understand that somewhat (not that it makes it right) but to just go out and screw someone and then be callous enough to think because it didn't mean anything makes it ok is just proof of someone's stupidity.
  • No matter how you cut it...... No matter how you "cover it" with fancy words....... Its still adultery.
  • The end can be but it will never justify the means.
  • I believe you can have meaningless sex.. I've done it plenty of times. But when you're committed to someone, it's no longer alright. It might not mean anything to the person that is cheating, but when you're in a committed relationship it's not all about how you feel about it.. how meaningless it is to you.. you have to think about your spouse. It wont be meaningless to them.
  • It's never meaningless, cheating speaks volumes about how much a guy respects his wife and his marriage.
  • I think sex and love are two different things, and I don't think sexual exclusivity is intrinsic to marriage. That being said ... The real problem with adultery in our culture is that it breaks a solemn vow made to the other person. In addition, there's almost always deception involved. These things are antithetical to the commitment most people in our culture make when they get married. This is what's wrong with adultery. Naturally, when two people marry with the understanding that they may have other partners, these things don't apply.
  • Cheating can't be meaningless because there is more than one person involved. It has meaning to the one you are cheating with, it has meaning to your significant other. It was "meaningless" simply means that cheating person did not love who they had sex with. They did not have any consideration for their partner's feelings.
  • I think they actually mean that the marriage is meaningless. Since they thought so little of their commitment, they went out and did something else meaningless.
  • I'd be more offended if my partner said an affair was meaningless than if he said, I'm sorry but I couldn't fight the temptation. The reason being I wouldn't want to be with somebody who treated sex as meaningless and people like pawns.

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