• I do for certain situations, you cant use one punishment for everything, so I mix it up, sometimes time out, sometime no priveledge but can still move around, sometimes just a stern talking to.
  • There is no one best way to teach discipline that works for every child in every situation. Time Out has it's place.
  • I am a firm believer in work. I will take them out to stack firewood or pick up fallen sticks in the yard. Help wash the car. I find making them work it out will make them do something constructive and work out their issues. You be surprised how quickly they straighten up when you treat them more like adults then children. For me time outs is no different then sitting them in front of a television so they do not get on your nerves.
  • I think the younger the child, the less effective punishment is at teaching. Around 18months - 2 or 3 years, I think correction and distraction, combined with good communication are effective tools for discipline, I think around 3, children are so different that hopefuly the parent/caregiver has figured out what works best for the child. My kids have "Time out" but only at thier own request, and they DO request it, I suggest it now and then but in the end it is up to them to decide if they need some time to calm down or if they want to try again to do things in an appropriate manner.
  • I did use time out when my son was little... can you see me putting a 16 1/2 year old, 6'2" - in time out lol doesn't work anymore...
  • It depends on the situation and child, but I used time outs effectively. Of course, by time out I don't mean sitting alone in their room where all their toys are. He sat in a chair where he could see me where there were no distractions. He was told that when he felt ready to talk then thats what we would do. He would tell me what he felt he had done wrong and how he could have dealt better with the situation and then no more was said about it.
  • I think if you raise your children to respect you, you can do alot with the sound of your voice but I am not against spanking either as long as it is not done out of anger.

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