• Which election? We have elections at least every two years, with one coming up next Tuesday. I don't think democrats or republicans react well to loss. But then again, no one does. My beef with democrats is that they try to force their will on everyone else and not let people choose for themselves. And they want the government to pay for everything regardless of the fact that its government spending that is sinking our economy! The problem with republicans is that they want to cut taxes before the budget is balanced. And the problem with both is that they not only want to rob the taxpayer to line their own pockets, but the pockets of everyone in the machine that got them there!
    • Twink22
      Was thinking the last presidential.
    • Twink22
      my opening question got cut short, and then instead of trying to remember it I just changed it thinking Democrat had an e at the end,, so because they lost the election I put they lost the e off Democrat
  • nnaybe

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