• I'm fairly certain that the boss man dislikes me, so I just ignore him. I figure if he was going to fire me, it'd have already happened, and I don't have time to worry myself making sure he's happy. I have customers to tend to thank you very much, so he can just get his own damned food and drinks from now on (I hope he chokes on it, too) and let me wait on the customers who are actually going to TIP me.
  • I had a job (previous to this one) in a retail shop where I KNOW my manager didn't like me. She acted like she did, but she didn't. It's not that hard to tell. What I did was simply to continue doing my job. I did my work, helped the customers, and followed all the rules. I didn't get promoted when the position came available. Instead, someone else got it. (Someone who did the same job I did, but not as well - according to ALL other managers in the store) I was upset, and I know it had to be simply because she liked her more. But, unfortunately, the choice as to who received the position were almost entirely up to her. Oh well. Anyway, I got a new job, and quit that one, and no longer have to work in retail. She still works there. Same crappy job, same crappy hours, same crappy pay. That's enough payback for me :)
  • Luckily, I've always get along just fine with my bosses... If he/she didn't like me, I guess I'd talk to him/her and ask to keep personal things appart from work.
  • Absolutely! The reasons my boss does not like me are silly and bias so I just let him keep on hatin'. I do my job and can prove it by my results and don't mind calling him out. I primarily deal with it by just avoiding him.
  • When i need a job i shut up and go with the flow...if i dont need this job?He would better treat me right eitherwise he will have to go with the flow :)
  • ALL THE TIME!! lol but i dont let it get to me, infact since his office manager is pretty much family to me he knows better than to fire me so I tend to give him a lot of shit daily just cos i know theres nothing he can do! haha and he needs me aswell
  • I used to think so,until I figured out they just want to be right --
  • Yes I got the feeling that my boss did not like me. I kissed that bosses ass because i needed the job. Do something so fake and syrupy sweet so he or she feels guilty to fire you and be mean to you. Start going to their office asking them questions about themselves. You must stroke their ego. Also ask this person to be your mentor. How could they ever dislike the person who admires them so much?
  • My boss loves me more than she could ever hate me. If it wasn't for me, there would be a load of work for someone who really wouldn't care about what we do. I am sure there are times she wishes she could hate me, but it's hard to hate me. I try to be a good employee.
  • yes, i just think of how much i dislike him ;)
  • Yes. I called the police! The owner of the business fired my boss and gave me her job. She was furious, she trashed the shop then came back and slashed my tires.
  • Yeah, I think the one that threw things at me and tore me new ones daily REALLY did not like me. No "get the feeling" about it. How did I deal with it? Dodged soda cand and pens expertly. I didn't have to do anything other than let somebody higher up know that this was going on and document all of the ill treatment--he lost his job, I kept mine. I always kept my cool no matter what. On the less dramatic side, I think we all have a boss that we think dislikes us at one point or another. Unless you are willing to just throw down the gauntlet and ask. . . .you can do a couple of things: if it is unbearably uncomfortable, look for another job and cut your losses. Do your job well so that if that dislike turns into an adverse action against you, you have done the appropriate thing to CYA. Don't let it get to you. It's not worth stressing out over.
  • If he does'nt like me, thats his problem If I am doing the job right and he is happy with my efforts, then all I need from him at the end of week are my wages, then I'm outa there, I dont want anything else from him. work is work my time is my time sorry boss
  • Luckily it never happened to me. But if i were on this situation. I will prove to him that Im not the kind of person to be dislike with. I will show my full effort when it comes to work, I will give my best. I will still be friendly to him, greet him, smile.. I will act as if i dont have the feeling he doesn't like me.
  • I'm certain my boss doesn't like me, but I don't let it bother me. So long as I know that I'm doing my job, and doing it right, I don't care if my boss likes me on a personal level.
  • Your boss doesn't have to like you. Get that out of your head! When you go to work, you are trading your time for money. It is a business transaction not a relationship. If you want a friend, buy a dog, but when it comes to work its all business.
  • I've had bosses like that. Fortunately, it's not a popularity contest. I just did my job and covered my ass very diligently. Eventually, all things change. Either you both will come to terms and/or one of you will leave, get promoted, etc.
  • my boss doesnt like me either. i find it hard to deal with. some times i find myself sizing her up for a fight literally. but the sensible side of me says dont let her know she gets to you. do your job and go home. dont give her a second of your time unless your paid to.
  • yes i know my boss deosn't like me very much.. i don't think she ever did... she fruststrates me sometimes which makes me want to be mean... and she wants to do my job for me sometimes times as if she doesn't think i'm capable of doing it... then i bet she thinks i'm not a good worker... its soo annoying... but i don't know i gguess i just have to ignore it... and do what i got to do until i'm old enough to work somewhere else....(i'm almost 16 btw)..
  • i would just be thankful you have a job in the first place, wish i did
  • You do your job that you were hired to. You were not hired to be friends with your boss.
  • If you do your work and do it well, that is where your power is. If your boss not liking you translates into you not getting fair reviews or pay, then there is a problem. If its just a feeling, look at your own need to be liked which I'm sure is not in your job description

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