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  • That's actually called "SELF DEFENSE" not "bullying," Linda. I know Trump has lowered the standards of Americans by many points. But surely it's not that hard to still know bullying can only be verbal. When someone touches you, with intent, then it becomes "assault" and not bullying. Thus (as you see in the video) something one can take extreme action against. Bullying is about intimidation and manipulation - not assault. That chick was no bully - she wanted some and got some - with interest.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you feel the need to insult people (or is it just me) every time you leave an answer? This has NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP! The black girl in the yellow PINK shirt was bullying to start with. Yes, assault and self defense came into play and interest was only a drop in the bucket. Now she's known the world over as the chick who picked a fight with someone half her size and lost! And like I said the cheerleader didn't even lose her hairbow!
    • Archie Bunker
      Trump causes cheerleader bullying! Awesome.

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