• I did. Just sit him/her down and talk with him/her about your relationship and explain to him/her why you want to break up. Make him/her understand why you want to break up. It feels like i did a good thing in doing that but i still feel like he was hurt.
  • Quick and clean.
  • no matter what, if you break up with someone they're going to've just got to make sure that they get closure, and understand why the relationship can't go any further...
  • although impossible.. you should do it if you don't want to be with the person because your really just wasting both your times.
  • It will hurt. Tell them just before you say goodbye next time you see them. Just keep affirming it is over. If they need to talk about it, turn your phone off. That works for some :<
  • You do it nicely with respect to that person. Find somewhere private and peaceful. Hold their hand and give them hugs. Let them know how much you care about them but tell them that there is certain things not working and your not sure if you can fix them. Make it an open discussion too and see what they think. Be gentle and remember to say good things too. There ARE good ways to brake up and bad ways. I am still friends with most of my exs because of the respect we gave each other on our brake ups. I don't know if anyone else does this but to help the healing process we on not also make a deal about not seeing other people for an agreed amount of time. I was dumped yesterday but I have been promised one month, so that I sleep a little easier. Its hard enough as it is.
    • Mircat
      Hugs and hand holding?! That just says, "See how nice I feel well you can't have that any more." Its very condescending. There should be none of that. You dont comfort with what you are taking away.
  • I left my ex gf 6 months ago now, at the time it was awful as she didn't want to break up, I went to her house explained why as best I could and then left, I then called one of her friends to make sure she had someone there for her. So my advice is JFDI. Hardest thing in the world to do, just keep telling yourself it's the best thing for them in the long run and get it over with as quickly as possible.
  • It will always hurt. Say it on the phone, letter, email, text message...there are choices aplenty. Just dun keep stalling it as it will only make it hurt more when the person knows you have had the idea of breakup for a long time. All the best.
    • Mircat
      You do it with respect and you never take the cowards way out; you face to face break up. You do not ever take the sleazy way out by freaking email or text or a Dear John letter. A phone is only acceptable if you are in the hospital and cant make the meeting.
  • i would just do it, you'll hurt them more if you stay when you dont want to
  • Dating has an implied hurt factor. If you cant handle it you shouldnt date. Rarely is someone going to marry the first person they date so there is going to be a break up. Probably many times on the road to finding The One. You be honest you say the relationship is not what you want and. to be fair you need to both go your own way. Do not offer to be friends, and despite what someone suggested NO hugs and hand holding thats like saying see how nice I feel well you can't have that any more; do not go into details; do not use the its not you its me excuse. You just say its not what you want and continuing is not fair to either of you. You do it face to face

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