• Splashing of water around the wash basin or sink.
  • the way people drive,i swear to god it is getting so sick of gettn
  • Chew their food noisily, or with their mouth open. It drives me insane.
  • My b/f is trying to quit smoking and I am very supportive of him. But he constantly clicks the end of the pen he is using and it drives me crazy LOL..But I dont say anything, that is his way of keeping his hands busy when he is at work.
  • Mention myspace at all. Uh, and let's not downrate me for things that get on my nerves, unless you'd like to be added to the list.
  • The people in my office who speak Spanish to each other when there's only 3 of us in the room, we all speak English, but I don't know Spanish. Since hubby tells me I'm easily annoyed, I have a list but one other thing that really gets to me is someone who has to drum with their hands, play with the sugar in the sugar bowl, just in general has to "mess" with things. Or maybe I could just lump everything into one category and say "people." lol!
  • Bite their nails in public! If someone has problems dealing with their current situation, at least do a less irritating thing to pacify yourself!
  • Well, I don't know if it's small, but I HATE the sound of Children crying, Especially when I'm trying to watch a movie or eat.
  • Someone sitting on the couch next to me with restless legs. I just want to sit and relax and they shake the whole couch. It is really annoying.
  • when neighbors talk to each other outside my door, it gets on my nerves when i just want to relax and be quiet
  • The sound of people eating very crunchy food. Even chewing with with a closed mouth. I just hate the sound and find myself getting very annoyed with the chewer. They have no idea that I am fighting to keep myself from stangling them as they stuff more of that damn crunchy stuff in their mouth. Why? No idea.
  • It really grinds my gears when people stop too soon then slowly and bit by bit inch up at red lights. Just stop in the right place the first time!!

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