• I find that men have a greater disconnect with many emotional issues. I would say men are more likely to leave. To each their own though.
  • Probably men
  • I also would think men. I heard on PBS once that the greatest factor to being well cared for in one's elderly life is to have a daughter...I would think it would be similar for serious medical conditions.
  • From what I have seen it's an even split. I have seen both cases and the opposite in which one will not leave the other for any reason. Both genders have their faults and they aren't necessarily even related to gender at all.
  • I think it's more likely that assholes will leave and file for divorce.
  • Medical condition? Like the flu? Or diabetes? Or SAD? Or terminal cancer? Or spontaneous combustion? I would hope that in any case, save perhaps the spontaneous combustion, that either gender would stay in the relationship.
  • No decent human beings would forsake their partner at a time he/she needs your strength and supports the most.
  • I'd say it's even. The key factor is the emotional connection for both. If the emotional connection goes away, guilt is the only thing that will keep a partner faithful.
  • Whoever it is obviously didn't love the person they were with. I firmly believe "love heals all wounds". Although you can't realistically change many disorders, you can make it easier for the person to live with having and the person who has it can make their partner able to tolerate it.
  • Strictly anecdotal - My beautiful 25 yr old female friend got breast cancer, told her live-in boyfriend - and they were over. On the other hand, I've never seen the reverse. I've heard my female friends say that they would not pursue a serious relationship if he was sick, but if they were committed, married, there'd be no choice but to "stay the course" and hope for the best. I think, especially, when the going gets rough (chemo,, radiation, weight loss, hospitalization, etc.) many men can't handle it, the feelings of helplessness, sadness and real possibility of death.
  • I believe that shitty people are more likely to leave and get on with their lives.
  • I think it's a very crappy thing to do, especially if you love the person. To see someone dying and not try to make them as comfortable seems very wrong to me. I mean, people who have been together 50 years have had to watch their significant other die from sickness or just old age... do you suggest they leave them when their on their death bed?
  • It is a shame but people do this for many different and personal reasons. If I could never stay with someone out of pity, that would be just as bad, but if I loved someone then it would be forever, through all the times of happiness and pain, in sickness and in health, maybe that is why I have never loved or been loved.
  • That's just plain evil, I don't think anybody could be that self absorbed. Someone who would do that didn't really love you in the first place.
  • Only going by what I have seen, the men tend to leave more than the woman, I dont know if that is everywhere, just what I have seen around me. I think maybe because woman are caretakers normally.
  • I can only answer this by first saying I have never done any research on this topic but have found this question to be most interesting and so I going to answer as I SEE IT. . I think men would be more likely to up and leave, I say this only because women tend to have that nature motherig going on in us. When tough situations of the human kind fall to our feet we tend to stick it out, caring for the loved one until the end. Its just human nature of the female kind. . With that said I also have seen some pretty fantastic men, give it their all to the end. They stay, they do their because and usually get much more recognition for their actions then females. . Again I have never researched this type of situation however you better believe I will now. I thought this was a fantastic question to ask, kudos to you Bob for asking :O)

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