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  • lol kinda needs to be reworded but i love it ..and there is nothing to stop me .but for the girls i think either they are scared and maybe they arent comfortable doin that kinda thing
  • I have no desire to go down on a girl. I hope men do not either. "Girl" sounds like someone underage to me. Otherwise, the word is "woman". *shudders* I have no desire to go down on a woman, either. I tried it once in spite of my lack of desire. It wasn't a pleasant experience for me.
  • Its tasty and a great way putting a smile on your partners face! I would do it 10 times a day, 365 days of the year if I could, my wife gets fed up with me asking for it!
  • If you love a person, you love to please them. To me it is somewhat of a power trip.... I love knowing that it is I that is causing my man to go Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • I love pleasin my girl. That's my WORLD. I love to see the way she reacts too. I know I'm doin' it right and I can tell by her reactions. She taste good as shyt too.
  • It's just a personal preference. Some people like oral sex,and some do not. Also, for some, it is as pleasurable or more so than intercourse. Some women can achieve orgasm only through oral sex and not from intercourse. It's a matter of personal taste. ;)
  • Well let's see my fiance loves doing it and sometimes I get very insecure about it and wont lte him but he does it anyone and he says he wants to please me and he loves tasting me, and is it's asking why do girls like going down on girls or guys??? I love going down on Sean becuse well for one it is great and just to hear him moan and see his face is enough for me. I also like going down on girls too though so it's all just a big pleasure thing and everyone likes if they want to admit it or not.
  • my fiancee says he loves the taste of me and the smell that is why he loves it. i like going down on him because i love to please him
  • For some women, it is the only way to cum, there are some that can not or have not been able to achieve an orgasm, with just regular sex, so this is a sure fire way, to please a woman. I have heard of very few women, that can not cum this way. I myself, love it, and would smile widely at having it done to me every day! :)~
  • To quote Maddonna in her song "Where Life Begins", you can eat all you want and not get fat. Where else can you go for a meal like that?
  • Without sounding too gross I like it when my boyfriend goes down on me; I find it only takes me a few minutes to reach an orgasm when he does that, opposed to normal intercourse.
  • Because just the smell of it let alone the taste makes my pecker hard.
  • i love to go down on my wife and i love to have her do the same but some times she is not eger not because she dose not like to but because i ask a little too much
  • I love it because it's tasty, it's soft, I love the way it causes pleasure to her.
  • Going down on a woman is wonderful. The crotch tastes of life - pee and sweat etc. To participate is a pleasure. I love the taste. I would really like to go down on a woman with another women. Me a man with a women touching tongues on another woman would be heavenly.
  • Well personally i enjoy it, the taste, the smell, and knowing that my wife loves it.
  • the smell is like heaven
  • Hopefully they keep their "going down" to Women and not girls!!! I haven't yet, but if the feeling is right, I will. Sex and arousal don't always confirm to rigid societal rules :)
  • Actually a womans vagina is designed to attract men. The scent and taste of it is actually an aphrodisiac to men. Some men also simply just love to do it, whether it be because of the taste, the smell, the texture, or just the satisfaction of knowing that the woman is enjoying it. Either way, most men love to do it. Those who don't usually have intimacy issues.
  • Because I get pleasure from giving pleasure. This requires very good "chemistry" with one's partner. When this is the case, I absolutely love the reaction I get from my lover and can't get enough!
  • Because you got to have something else too in your armoury. Say for some reason you came to early or had some long-term sexual problems, this is something that would help you. So guys, get back to work
  • As a man, i can say that as far as i am concerned... i could be sexually satisfied in a relationship by providing oral for her ALONE... this, however, is a very conditional statement, as i have run across only a few women with whom this is the case. As for the rest, well i enjoyed giving them pleasure, but i could not enjoy myself fully... either because of taste, smell, or overall appearance of her genitals. When it comes to men's preferences across the board the only real standard that comes into play is hygiene... most every man will be more willing to "go down" if you are well-kept.. this, and your personal choice in how and if you keep any hair down there... it is something you kind of have to "feel-out" with each new person... i prefer little or no hair but i have heard the exact opposite has been a favorite... but getting back to the few women who i revelled in pleasuring orally, i wished at times that i could wake up every morning and make her climax in that manner... great way to start the day...
  • i have no idea!! i sure as hell wouldn't!! but i do love going down on him! and sometimes i just get a real desire to suck on him ya know? (that might sound dirty, but its true.) Plus it gives him pleasure... so he's not gonna be complaining.
  • Oral sex is very personal and extramily enjoying. I love to have my partner reach an orgasim while I'm licking sucking and swallowing her flow. I lvoe the taste, smell, and reaction I get when I have oral sex withmy partner. WE have oral sex almost everytime we make love and the taste stays with me for hours. The thought of haveing oral sex makes me hard.
  • Personally , performing oral sex on a woman is probably one of the most enjoyable things I can think of. What's not to like?
  • I love going down on women because I know they enjoy it and I want to give as much pleasure as possible. I also like to do it becuase of the pleasure they get from it. It turns me on and it makes me want to do it as best as I can. I listen to my partner and judge what they want from the sounds and the movements they are giving off. It really arouses me and I love the taste of a woman.
  • my man says that I taste good, he actually came from giving me head...I like it because I like to please him, and his moaning turns me on and gives me the satisfaction that I'm good :)
  • Guys like it because they think it'll make them look good and they love saying to there friends "I EAT GOOD PUSSY" girls simply like it because if i guy does it right they'll get off on it...
  • well my man loves going down on me and i love refusin so he can fight for it it pleases me and i kno he loves me being pleased and i love doing it for him especially when he said i was his best and i know he wasnt playin the way his leg shakes and his eyes go to the back of his head ohhh i love it and i love him and he loves me oh yea we gettin married soon too wish me good luck
  • I find the smell and taste to be a very effective afrodisiac and love the feel f a warm vagina arround my nose and mouth. I ike that even more than any other kind of sex.
  • I love it because its the womans most powerful body part and I want to kiss, suck, and love it!
  • I just love pleasing women sexually in any way! Knowing I'm rockin' her world is almost the only thing that gets me off. I DO LOVE the taste, the smell, the feeling, everything about it turns me on.
  • Lol...well if you are a woman...why do u care...just find one who loves it and stick with Men have their reasons. If they like it, its because they like to do it, not because of you. It sounds like a blessing to me if you enjoy having it done. Many many reasons.
  • this is my favorite thing to do! my girlfriend has multiple orgasms from the old saying goes "a 4" tongue will out perform a 7" dick every time.
  • An Evening Splendor At my side you lie bare, I smell the sweetness that rests in your hair I steal a kiss… I take you in my warm embrace, run my fingers along your face I feel my pulse doth quicken, my heart takes flight, My soul is stricken I trace my hand along your thigh As you let out a soften cry I touch your breast, your shadow outline I hold you closer intertwine Than at once, our lips they find Our passion grows, our souls collide In places we no longer hide I place my kisses at your womb, all your favor I consume You take my hand, you draw me near I feel your love, I lose the fear You take me in, I lose control I hold you close, at once let go Then alas while we assemble, our hearts skip Our bodies tremble I taste your lips, I breathe your scent As you lie sleeping, I lie spent Author: Dodgin
  • Is it normal for a girl to like the was it smells down there? Or does it make her a lesbian?
  • everyone has their likes and dislikes. I love oral sex and do it all the time. The taste; the smell; the orgasm! They all turn me on!
  • I love the way my man moves his tongue not only on my clit but all over my thighs and body i just go crazy. I love him and the way he makes me feel. He's absolutly amazing. He has me multi- orgasming almost all the times we make love.He does'nt have the biggest dick in the world but he knows how to use it and i just love the way he moves esp when he fucks me doggie style. We have been having sex for almost 7 years now and we still share the passion we had when we first started making love. He just keeps me wanting more each time.
  • I am very new to going down on a girl, but I can tell you the reason I like it is because it is a very intimate thing to do. It gives her pleasure, therefore I want to do it for her. Since I am a girl, I have a pretty good idea what she'll like. She seems to appreciate it and returns the favor.
  • I love going down on my wife's pussy. Love the way she moan when I lick her. Normally I will lick her pussy while she vibrate her clit with the vibrator until she cums hard. Then I will have sex the way I want cause she is fully satisfy and she will please me in any manner she can possibly can even though she does not favor me cumming on her mouth...
  • I Love to eat my girl out. I get pleasure from giving it..I enjoy eating pussy than regular sex
  • I love to eat it; i dont know why but i get more pleasure eating a girl rather then regular sex;
  • a womens body is a work of art and i want to suck what ever juice that comes out of it down my throat
  • a womens body is a work of art and i want to suck what ever juice it has to offer down my throat
  • a womens body is a work of art and i want to swallow what ever juice it has to offer
  • I just love it, those velvet lips, that yummy goodness, and the looks and gasps she lets out tells me I must be doing something right.
  • Can't resist the temptation. *slurps*
  • The taste, that pussy aroma, the texture of her pussy lips, the wetness, and hearing her moan and move with pleasure.It just doesn't get any better than that,could do it everyday, all-day.
  • hehe my man and I love to dominate each other orally. I ask for him to dominate me and he asks me to do the same. It's an even exchange and it feels amazing! hehe he likes when i sit on his face and wiggle around. I love u baby boy!!!
  • I like it because it's the right thing to do. Not much makes me feel better than bringing her off. Plus you can make her squirm and wriggle, say stuff she's not aware she's saying, you can make her legs shake and her breath shoot out. It's a big turn-on.

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