• No, offen buy teenagers dress, because then I can dress sexy. I'm not that big. lol
  • I see children dressing like teenagers so i am not suprised by teenagers dressing like adults.
  • stippers and prostitutes dress sexy in public. anyone who wants to be mistaken for one of those should dress accordingly. anyone who wants to be taken as a classy person, should dress the part. the old saying "cloths make the man" goes all across the board. people (whether right or wrong) get their first impressions from what they see. and if a teenager looks sexy, the message that is sent is that they are looking for sex. same for adults. sexy is for the night club, strip club and cat house.
  • Yes they do and the worst part of it is the parent's are the ones that are buying the clothes for them to wear. The parents are the ones that need to wake up!!
  • you recall what it was like to be 17, new boobs and it's time to show them off - made your mom mad i bet but you still did it. They are not doing anything we did not do - they are just doing it beter
  • i think people should dress how they feel comfortable. teenagers are at an age where they want to start to feel independent and mature. i do think its important to allow people to express themselves. this means allowing kids to dress however they like, obviously i would hope that parents would be a part of the choosing process but only to help and guide more than impose.
  • I have no problem with adults dressing sexy. Teenagers shouldn't though.
  • Its certainly the way it seems, i think kids should be allowed to be young, but thats not how it is these days :(
  • We All Dress comfortably;)* Good are Bad * That is why people watching is a Blast;)!!
  • The opposite seems true. Our society has pretty much seemed to shed the victorian standards of dress in women. My daughters keep raiding their mom's closet.
  • Teenagers are human beings and should dress how they want.
  • I sometimes seems too much. Do parents not care? Are they being too lenient? Teenagers seem to be growing up too fast these days. Some (not all, mind you) are very rude and disrespectful to adults all of the time. My stepsister was only 17 when she had her first kid, who is now almost 16. My stepsister dresses in very tight revealing clothes (which aren't very flattering as she is extremely overweight), and my 15 yr old stepniece does the same. If I did a fraction of what some teens do today when I was that age, I would have been imprisoned in my room until I was 30!
  • My only experience is with my son..he always dressed very nicely and still does. I've never had a daughter but I am appalled at how some young girls dress..however, no more so than how some adult females dress. Sometimes they look like sluts..and they think they're stylish. I don't get it. I think if the mom is a lady, she will raise a daughter who is a lady. If the mom likes to be a sexy hottie, well, that's what she is likely to raise. Where the husband/father is in all this I have no idea. Many of them must be humiliated and embarrassed by their women. Why don't they speak up for heaven's sake? :)
  • It's not dressing like adults, it's dressing to sexy for their age. These teenagers want to feel independant and sexy. What they do not realize is there are consequences in everything we do, even in the way we dress. My parents did not allow us to wear anything that was not age appropiate and I will and do the same with my children.
  • ya well i am a teenager , and i think yes we dress like adults , cause teenagers have to look pretty and nice too you know . i like to dress sexy all the time like all girls usually do it makes us feel good :) but i know that people should be pretty in the inside more than the outside :)
  • I have 2 teenage daughters and not only would I enroll them in a convent, but they would be mortified to dress like some of the other girls that they go to school with. I instill in them the need for self respect and they understand the difference between looking pretty and inviting trouble. These girls that dress too sexy just don't get it.
  • i believ at any age u dress how u want to be treated.... if u dress in somthing that is form fitting but covers every thing then there wouldnt be a problem aslong as u act mature about things,,,, this way u can verbily be understood that u are stunningly beutifull and a conversation about pop, rap, etc and a happy meal wont get u into bed.

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